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[Misc] The Flood (Scrapped)


can you check us during this meeting


@Margaret i’ll elect you if you send me to whatever floor meteoro is on

@eevee should go to floor 2, i haven’t had chances to look for clues there yet


/Take the Builder Role


By the way I found a clue


I have a scorched note


What does it say


Idk I haven’t read it


I doubt since we have no actions


Eevee has taken the Assistant Role

Marluxion has taken the Builder Role


Can I stay on floor 15 to find the key please?




So i have to go remake the team and stuff since so many people want certain locations, we cant afford to spend more than 1 team looking for the creature


Celeste, I also need to tell you that I cannot be part of the monster hunting team as I need something else if I want to attack the monster


Monster Hunter team would look for weapons as well, of course.


After all, one check to find a weapon and another to find the monster.
If it isnt on the floor, everyone else gets to do other stuff


Then it’s best to warn you now, if I don’t find what I need, then I can’t attack


Oh. Alright, yep

We’re going to have to ignore the monster


Unless someone wwnts to solo


I can solo it day 3 onward I guess.


Nah. You’ve picked up Assistant now, you might as well use it to the best of your ability.


If you want, after today, since I don’t really plan on taking anything class-wise, you can assist me with finding alcohol I guess, and that won’t use up one of your actions

I understand obviously that there are better ways to use that but in a sense you’re nullifying the waste of an action it would be for me to have to search for alcohol every day