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[Misc] The Flood (Scrapped)


Also yeah

/vote margaret


Squad Option 1: “Safest, friends”
PoisonedSquid - Floor 3
BlueStorm - Floor 5
Margaret - Floor 14
GamerPoke - Floor 10
Mercenary - Floor ?
Eevee - Floor 10
Marluxion - Floor 5
Nerbins - Floor 3
Luxy - Floor 5

This is just me putting people in small teams based off how I think they would be compatible and are like-minded or might become allies

But its also me seperating the people I know are armed in case

Option 2: “Squadrons”
Monster Killer Squad:
PoisonedSquid - Floor Last Sight + 1
GamerPoke - Floor Last Sight + 1
Marluxion - Floor Last Sight - 1 (2 not needed as will be closest to others)

Raft Gathering Squad:
BlueStorm - Floor 2
Eevee - Floor 2

Exploration Squad:
Mercenary - Floor 12
Nerbins - Floor 10

Investigative Squad:
Margaret - Floor 14

If anyone wants to switch floors or recommend different floors and setups, just say it


please don’t leave me alone


Also, Floor 14 for me is just a placeholder. I’ll say my actual floor to send the full squad


Also, whoever officially chooses the diver spot, tell me. Their spot will get moved


Hey Boopy, if someone goes MIA, does their role get replaced into the role chooser


Wrong phase.

I wanted to take assisstant too, but that will be in next phase.


Oh, you took hunter in that one?

/Assume assisstant


@Margaret I veto BlueStorm for obvious reasons.


Not to mention I don’t really care about raft.
And that is also something you know.

There is nothing but death in the ocean.


You don’t really care about building a raft? But it’s our only way of surviving this mess


No, I don’t care about the raft.



Come with me on floor 11 to hidden camera room, I will show you stuff there, you still need to check me with your doll and I’m good to go do my stuff afterwards.


Option 2 is the best but you forgot to place Luxy. There’s a mathematical rule that states why, but I forget its name


Essentially the rule follows thusly:

Celeste knows she is innocent and can check to see who else wins with her.

Assuming there is a maximum of 2 other people that may make efforts to sabotage our victory, splitting people off into two groups of 3 and one group of 2 guarantees the best results.


Wait, just because you look for a key once doesnt mean that it’s not there, does it? The key could still be on floor 15 right?


Would I be able to grab the video that my rule works on?


/vote Margaret


This is most likely the first and last game I’ll ever get votes for leader/King


Infact, probs for any positive thing