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[Misc] The Flood (Scrapped)



Actualy, if my second action wasn’t processed, I tried to change it for a night chat.

Let’s see if it works.


I didn’t have a great night so I’m a little late with these actions, apologies


Okay, so I have one action left.
What do I do.


Hey @Luxy nice to see you on my floor

do you have infection muted or something


On this note

Why did I hear Luxy enter but not you?

As well did anyone else hear others enter their room?


Boy I sent my action 12 hours ago


time up midnight now


Good Morning, everyone, you all reconvene at Floor 15 to elect a new leader, you notice that Meteoro hasn’t showed up to the meeting, how odd


Welp, he’s dead


I mean, we should send someone to floor 5 again to invest Meteoro for clues about weather wizards.


I wouldn’t mind doing it


Elecc me as new leader




/take Hunter role

Everyone knows why


Or is it too early


Eh, either way. I’ll take it during the actual phase Im supposed to do it


Margaret has claimed the Hunter role



  • I’m going to be the one checking individuals, if they appear as scum I can still get another check in.
  • I’m the chief person with actual decent weapons
  • Its suspicious for any other person to want the role


Here’s a shout

If Luxy becomes an assistant then he can give me his alcohol today without wasting an action which would maximise our efficiency


/v marg