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[Misc] The Flood (Scrapped)


“The world is at an end, civilisation is falling and soon the planet shall be naught but ocean. And yet now, and only now, do you seek my help. I cannot offer you salvation, but I can offer you insurance, though there is a price.”

The Flood!


The world is flooding, this flood must be being brought on by weather wizards, malignant spellcasters determined to plunge humanity into oblivion. The man who just spoke is Jakrel Byers, a remnant of an ancient sea-dwelling population, but that doesn’t matter, the point is he owns a lot of real estate, including 15-story tower block you now find yourself staying in. By your estimates it will take 1 whole day for each floor to flood, so by god you’d better have a plan by then.

Gameplay Basics

The game will take place over a series of turns, called days, after 15 days you will have nowhere to go, you’ll need to build a raft.
Each day is split into 5 phases, Dawn, Daylight, Dusk, Nightfall and Midnight.

Dawn Phase

During the Dawn Phase the players will elect a leader for the day, this is done by using /elect


During the Daylight Phase, the leader will send each player to a non-flooded floor, any players that are not sent anywhere are automatically sent to floor 15. This uses /send [player] [floor]


During the Dusk Phase, players may perform 2 actions each on their current floor, actions are quite freeform, but if an action is too complex I reserve the right to veto it. Everyone on your floor will see what you do.


During the Nightfall Phase, each player may perform up to 2 actions secretly, following the same actions as the Dusk Phase.


During the Midnight Phase, the lowest unflooded floor will flood, killing any players who, for whatever reason, are still there.


There are 4 roles available, at any point during the Daylight Phase, a player without a role may take a role by posting in the thread, once this happens that role is gone.
Builder - The first action you take each Dusk that constructs something is done without using one of your 2 actions.
Hunter - The first action you take each Dusk that harms something is done without using one of your 2 actions.
Assistant - The first action you take each Dusk that directly helps someone is done without using one of your 2 actions.
Diver - You can survive underwater and move to flooded floors.

Hidden Information

While I will not explicitly lie to you, there is information about the game you do not know, you might learn this at a later date.


Each Phase lasts a maximum of 24 hours and can and will be shortened once all actions/votes/whatever are done

How to Win



  1. PoisonedSquid
  2. BlueStorm
  3. Margaret - Hunter
  4. GamerPoke
  5. Mercenary
  6. Meteoro - MIA
  7. Eevee - Assistant
  8. Marluxion - Builder
  9. Nerbins
  10. Luxy


  1. cbman

Group Knowledge

Jakrel Byers is missing.
There is a Dead Body on Floor 15
Meteoro is missing.


Are there certain alignments in this game?




/join then


is this polar foil





damn you caught me :^)




Ehh /join




The Plot reminds me of a game named “Into The Breach” but without gigantic alien insects. (Google it if you want teehee)








Diver can be sent anywhere(?)


This is actualy another thing I don’t understand.




whoops mistype


ye but it might end up that noone becomes the diver


There is oinly 4 roles and 10 players.

I actualy think they will be nearly instantly gone.