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[MISC] The Flood - Day 2 - Dawn Phase - FLOODED! (10/10)


How come?


Because most of the time I’m on, I’m at school and discord doesn’t work here.


oh… well… idk then.


Why are you moving it to discord anyway?


Okay guys or gals on the forums we’re looking for some players:

[Misc] Escape room (8/9) second party ENDGAME (Escape on 2nd floor)

Sorry for the bump but Im in school and can’t use discord (but can still see notifications) right now and I wanted to clarify
Is there a new server for this, and if so can a new invite be put up so I can join it? (Didn’t see one while I was home but still heard people talking about it)
@WazzaAzza @Margaret


I doubt there is a new Server if the link was deleted