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[MISC] The Flood - Day 2 - Dawn Phase - FLOODED! (10/10)


you went into my room and the title was “battle”


its not my fault i thought u were there to battle


Clean restart tho


I went to Spy on you to know your weapons,but wazza just created a chat and said “shall a battle begin?”
Funny thing is,i birded to floor 10,where marg and Simon where before the chat was created


Want to see the plotting chat?


no i don’t want to see you guys plotting to kill me


We actually wanted to kill hja,our strategy was knocking people out


thats funny because you can’t knock me out


guys talk in the discord.


that was my passive


We knew


where in discord



Did you miss the “if you attacked” part?
Not trying too be sarcastic


But you were planning to kill me even if I didn’t attack


That was a semi-thing.
We hadn’t planned it concretely imo.
(At least I thought) we were putting you alone so we could attack you easily if need be
Also I’ll join the discord when I get home, don’t have it on my phone


What Simon said,i was going for leader for that reason


I bet Egg would have died if you attack it


I don’t know if I can do it on discord tho.