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[MISC] The Flood - Day 2 - Dawn Phase - FLOODED! (10/10)


Also me


Margaret decided to open a glowing box.


What did your role do


Did he lie about the "gamer " thing?


Magnus pushed Bestie down the steps.


Double vote for leader,could decide to go to a floor without leader sending me,had hometown boy passively that gave me ability to force people to floors if leader didn’t,started with a walking kane


I asked for it tho


That’s not op


just took a picture of my friend in school


That plus knife plus Bird could make me kill anyone

If you hadn’t actions i could send you to 1 to die,but wazza changed the bird


not photoshopped


Those are item you got but your class wasn’t op


you told your plan


lets start fresh


no killing ok? vote to restart and reroll






stop being evil


when we restart be noobs in


Wazza set the discord already
Also I didn’t want to kill you,but the marg bs happened,we plotted and decided to only counterattack,not start,but then you stabbed me when I went and i was like “yeah,lets fight”