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[MISC] The Flood - Day 2 - Dawn Phase - FLOODED! (10/10)


it’s not even an egg.


It’s name is Egg. Now shush


:eyes: I saw it on 4,It was an egg




Whats happening?


I want to can this game by the way.


Orb shenanigans


Dunt do it


No,not another flood canned by d2…


Leave me at 15 floor and move everyone to floor 10 or lower


The flood curse 2: The Electric Boogaloo


Maybe @Nerbins can take over.


Magnus is the only powerful enough person to host misc games


I wouulddd take over but uhh


Surface tension*


Wazza if you want it might be better to do this on discord. You can make it So that people who go back to a place see what happened last time they were there, but people who are there in the meantime don’t see that (while also having the room description available to all)


Yeh. I might move this to discord.

  • Move it to Discord
  • Can it entirely
  • Find a new host

0 voters


Quite fun


4 people voted Discord. I will now move it to discord.