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[MISC] The Flood - Day 2 - Dawn Phase - FLOODED! (10/10)


The world is ending, and you’re sitting here, asking ME for help? While the world turns into an ocean… I’m your last hope, I guess. I’ll help you. But, I can’t promise you survival while I attempt to revert the world back to it’s normal state. If you are missing or dead by the time I’m done, so be it. Once I’m done, you must be on the top floor with something and I mean something, anything to stay above the water with, or else we’re all dead.” - Wazza Azza, the Mage.

The Flood!

Hosted by WazzaAzza and Co-Hosted by Nerbins.


The world is a flooding pile of mess. The flood was started upon some mage’s that The King of England had angered. The mages fled the planet after their deeds were done. But one mage stayed, his name is Wazza Azza. The mage decides to help you after your plea’s. You have just entered a 15 story building. The mage managed to use some of his mana to make it so that the lowest room will only flood at Midnight, you better hope by the end of this that you have made a plan to get above the water.

Gameplay Mechanics.

The Game will have 5 phases, Dawn, Daylight, Dusk, Nightfall, Midnight.
In 15 days. You guys will have no where to go. And if you are not on the top floor with a plan. The Mage will abandon you and you will all drown.
Golden Items are not able to be taken.

Dawn Phase

This Phase will have you elect a Leader. The King of England will have a double vote for this phase. To vote for this you must do /vote (person) in your classcard. All votes will be public.


The Leader is able to send players to a non-flooded floor. Players who are not sent to a floor are sent to Floor 15. To use this you must do /send [player] [floor] @WazzaAzza.


Players are able to do two actions on their current floor, if their action is too complex, I have the right to veto it. All players on your floor see whatever actions you do.


“It’s too dark to see!” Players are able to do two secret actions on their current floor, following the same actions on Dusk phase.


The lowest non-flooded floor will be flooded, this drowns and kills any players who are there.

Spare Items

There are 5 Items here, all that do something special to benefit you. If a player dies with that item, the items will automatically be destroyed or taken by the player who kills them. You may only take one of these items.
Mana Potion - Contains 3 Mana, trade this to @WazzaAzza in your class card to buy an item from the Mana Shop. - Taken by Meteoro, No One and Poke
Free Hammer - Every Dusk Phase you may use an extra action to construct something. - Taken by Simon, No One and Isaac
Hometown Boy - You start with a random passive of any type. - Taken by Hjasik, Margaret and Boss
Diver - You can dive under water floors once. You will lose this ability once you come back up to surface. - Taken by No One

Only 2 players can get 1 of each, this rule is changed for “Golden Raffle” and “Diver”. Infinite amount of players can choose “Golden Raffle” and only 1 player can choose “Diver”. You are allowed to choose it during the first day.

Hidden Information

While I will not explicitly lie to you, there is information about the game you do not know, you might learn this at a later date.


Each Phase lasts a maximum of 24 hours and can and will be shortened once all actions/votes/whatever are done

How to Win

Survive and (possibly) other things.


Water Bucket - 1 mana.

Confirmed Roles

The King of England

Passives - Unknown
Abilities - Unknown

No more at this point in time


  1. Magnus
  2. Meteoro
  3. Hjasik
  4. Maxwell
  5. Margaret
  6. Isaac
  7. Gamerpoke
  8. Lightsin
  9. Boss
  10. Simon



Objective: Find a Bird that will take you to the 15th floor without using an action. - Completed
Objective: Check out Floor 1 - Completed
Objective: Head to the 15th Floor and find out what caused Wazza Azza to scream - Completed

Group Knowledge

There is a mysterious blood splatter on Floor 1!
Wazza Azza is missing
Floor 1 is flooded
Magnus is missing


/in as 4



8 of the previous 10 have recieved a ping to possibly join. Removed 2 because: 1 is on hiatus. 1 is assume will not be interested.


I assume this has inspiration in jazz’s flood game?




Except not the same storyline.


/In as 7


Wait,so the first leader can kill everyone by sending to floor 1?


What the nani is this


No. This was meant to be fixed as I changed a few mechanics.


Also if combat exists Will It be turn based?


These types of games are fun. @Magnus


A Game



What’s that


Join Lightboi


Magnus is automatically put in as he basically convinced me to host it.


You should join so someone knocks you out and stabs you with your knife


A Knife would be considered a “Golden” item. Thus making it immune to being taken.


Maybe I should

stab with a knife? I like it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

/slide in as 8


Can there be monsters or traitors?