[Misc] Survivor:Adiart [Final Tribal Council]

Do not post until given the go ahead

Welcome to tribal Neutrals, for those who have not already. Dip your torch into the fire. In this game fire represents your life. Once it goes out so are you.

(image once i am home)

Once again we have two options. Organize a LIVE! Tribal (which I would love to do for our merge vote), or the standard 24 hours.

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You are allowed to post


I didn’t get 6.9


  • Live
  • 24 Hours

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ignore mine and kais votes. Its just to see votes and does not count

What’s the difference, mod nerds?
Never been to one of these before

Live tribal is where we do as if you were all in the actual tribal council area IRL. I shoot you questions and you all vote one by one. Plus i set up a discord server to have fancy music

I have my vote

the only downside is that a live tribal takes scheduling and if one person misses it it kinda ruins it for everyone

Hm, maybe when theirs less of us the


29/09 sounds like cool date for a tribal :stuck_out_tongue:

Go away eevee

Atm live show is winning. Is there a time yall are thinking

4:00 cst?

How do I change my vote

Hide results and vote again

Im p busy ngl live tribal will be hard for me

Well now 24 hour is winning. Well after a couple more votes tribal will be determined. Make sure everyone votes plz to make it go faster

Is it gonna be 24 hrs then?