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[MISC] SCP - Mortality (10/10) Chaos Insurgency has arrived


/head back get another coffee return here WITHOUT DRINKING THE COFFEE


/look at coffee machine


it appeared to be a normal coffee machine.


I guess /sit down and wait by coffee machine since i cant seem to do anything else


just saying that the coffee machine is an scp

/dispense hot chocolate


yeah i know


the machine dispersed hot chocolate.


Finally, some good drinks


/dispense hot chocolate


suddenly, 173’s call came. It was very loud, it hurt.


So here’s my 300IQ strat:
We get all the paper cups from the machine, and build a wall around the vent
we then fill the area with water, and get some of that liquid nitrogen to freeze it
Ez vent access


/barricade door we shut him from


with tables and chairs in coffee area


173 was not in sight.


oh… we could have just used the chairs as a stepladder


there was a sound and the cry stopped.


what kind of sound?


the sound of a neck getting [REDACTED]


or SCP 173 getting broke


Lowkey realised the first D class to die becomes an MTF

Time to give 173 a big hug