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[MISC] SCP - Mortality (10/10) Chaos Insurgency has arrived


I refuse to go right
/turn left 3 times


/keep walking


you came to the exit. It required a lvl5 access.


/speaker boi open up, this is the only path


there was no reply. Either he fled, or was already dead.


/Start slamming into door


you bounced off it, falling. Directly above you was a vent. You quickly scrambled out from under it.

Objective - Find a level 5 security clearance keycard


/go back towards coffee tables


you returned to the cafeteria.


/look for anything useful


aside from a coffee machine, there was nothing.


/ask for a cup of level five access


nothing happened.


/dispense coffee


coffee poured out.


/head back towards level 5 door holing the coffee


you went to the door, before you realised you had no more coffee. You drank it all.


no i didnt i dont like coffee. /search the vent


you drank the coffee. The vent was out of reach.


thought it fell because of this