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[MISC] SCP - Mortality (10/10) Chaos Insurgency has arrived


Well if they are that way imma turn around
/go back towards the right path


Welp, guess I’m alone
/L e f t


@luna gasped as she saw SCP-173. The sound was coming from it.


/run faster to right path carrying the fellow afk d bois




wait das me!

/back away slowly while staring at my boi 173


it flashed forward as you blinked, about 5meters/15feet.


(I was already heading that way but whatever) /turn around Luna we got to cordinate blinks. with shadow and nerbins**


ok while ur staring /blink


can’t we just hold our eyes open with our hands or toothpicks or something?


or just blink one eye at a time?


Have u ever tried that in real life it dont work that well. /nerbins and and shadow blink


that may work but since we have four set of eyes we should be fine


/all while slowly backing up


gotta keep up the pace
/left eye blink, left eye open, right eye blink, right eye open until at a safe distance


/blink while my afk bois are watching


Live footage of Nerbins and Shadow


you backed up and closed a door, separating yourself from 173.


/lock said door


/heads towards right path