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[MISC] SCP - Mortality (10/10) Chaos Insurgency has arrived


well are ur abilities any good we might not to waste ur life?


I was only jokinggg


wanna do this?


/use cafeteria chairs to reach the vent




you reached the ventilation.


/crawl towards the level 5 area


you crawled, and Luna was behind you, and you didn’t realise that 173 was at the cafe exit, waiting to kill you.

ambush evaded.


hence the barricading


I think we should go towards the left path actually

Lvl 5 clearance is used to house dangerous SCPs, and the chances of having an exit behind a lvl 5 clearance door seems unlikely
maybe there was something else in the left room we missed?




the vent turned left at the exit. Turn left or drop?


/peek around


there was a vent. Not much to see.


/look down at drop


it was into a room, probably an interrogation one.




sorry playing TOL Luna what u think


Ah. Okay.


i think we should keep going but im waiting on luna or the rest of the d bois