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[MISC] SCP - Mortality (10/10) Chaos Insurgency has arrived




Actions are done by messaging me.
Only players and sentient SCP’s can talk (173 doesn’t count!) in the main thread, and only when in the group majority. can fans please not post in the main thread?


Some SCP’s are dangerous, and may have to be put down. However, you can’t simply do /vote to get rid of one. You have to exploit their weaknesses.

To join

To join, simply express interest in joining by saying something like “I want to join” or “/join” or “/in” or “sign me up, coach” or whatever you want


Perks are given at the start of the game. Every SCP-Foundation member is given a passive and an item, depending on their Security level. All SCP-Foundation members will start together, but the SCP’s will spawn separately.


  1. player1 - Scientist
  2. Luna - D-Class Personal
  3. Datbird - D-Class Personal
  4. ShadowExtreme - D-Class Personal Chaos Insurgency
  5. Nerbins - D-Class Personal
  6. player6 - ANY
  7. player7 - SCP-173
  8. player8 - SCP-049
  9. player9 - RANDOM SCP
  10. player10 - RANDOM SCP
    First Foundation to die will become a Mobile Task Force
    First D-Class to die/escape will become a Chaos Insurgency SHADOWEXTREME
    Objective - Find a level 5 security clearance keycard

[SPECTATOR] Misc - SCP MORTALITY (10/10) < Spectator Chat.

Best/Worst Forum Quotes

What does king do


@Magnus i assume solic give you a green light already?


yeah I asked him.


Very nice


Can you join as certain slot?
Also will game be active only at certain time?


Is the role random or in slot order


you can ask for a certain role, but no guarantees.


/join as 682
Prepare to die noob @H_Hjasik


boss I meant D-Class, Scientist or SCP.


/join as 343


I know, i am playing mind game with hjasik


Prepeare to get shrekt


173 vs 096.

A creature you have to look at versus a creature you can’t look at.


Attack photo of 096 to 173


Both are kind of immortal


173 is OP. It moves around 5 meters (15 feet) per blink.


Can you Srsl roll 682 tho


@Magnus If I get scientist role can i choose my flavour?


Like, pick one of the doc in SCP wiki