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[Misc] Outbreak(CANNED) In Signups


@WazzaAzza you still want to be be cohost? Cause if so I’ll pm you the passives and all that stuff.


The other game had everyone on the same team, until FireKitten betrayed them. So, not really.


Yeh I do.


/Shall we in?


@SweetyCake is that an In or an out?


/im in :3

[Misc] Escape room (8/9) second party ENDGAME (Escape on 2nd floor)

/out for now

I might not be able to join this due to real life commitments.





Thats a weird reaction test


It is indeed


Ping all the humans


@all the humans


ive decided to can this, due to low interest. a pity, considering the effort i put in, but its too ambitious.


There might be more interest if your other game finishes? :thinking: