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MISC Interest Poll


The Explanation

Hello guys

So my hosting saw with @Magnus was/is more or less an experiment to see how we do hosting with each other. And since it is going pretty well we think, we’re interested in cohosting another game together, but this one is pretty different (not to mention saw is still running technically) so i thought we should do this before opening up signups (pre-ins will not be accepted by me in this thread).

Basically, I came to magnus with an idea to put a spin on an old game that never really got off the ground. some of you know what it is, and once the results of this poll are in i will update this post with more details in further posts.

The Polls

Because of the nature of this game, there is a good chance it will be a lot more story-driven and problem solving, rather than the battle-royale-esque games of old. Knowing this, would you still be willing to play it?

  • Yes, I would still be willing to play this
  • I would probably be willing to play this (unless its a real bad setup)
  • I might be willing to play this, if the setup is good enough
  • I probably wont be willing to play this, unless the setup is really good
  • I don’t think I’d be willing to play this

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So majority = I will play if good enough for my expensive tastes.


K @Simon shall we tell them what the idea is?


okay everybody.
we’re planning on hosting our version of…

drumroll for buildup that really isn’t necessary


yeah! im excited to bring this back in a way that’ll hopefully sustain itself a bit longer than the original.
do note that this is our take on it, so a good couple things will be different. these will be explained/summarized on the signup thread, coming soon™







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wat is godcard



16969th Poster gets a cookie

There are cards with mythological/historical figures on them. They give the wielder powers themed to the person on the cards.


Godcard three?


ooh just an RP. No thank




I will say that it’s not in the same universe, so any of that lore may or may not appear, so keep that in mind


If I had time I would prob see what it would be about and decide from there


This isn’t exactly an rp. The old one/s were yes, but miscs aren’t quite RPs


What’s it about and I’ll see if I have time


You can kill other players as soon as you want unlike RP :grin: