[Misc] [Interest Check] Two Rooms and a Boom

Title. I’m considering queueing this as it’s one of my favorites, but i want to try to gauge interest first.

There are something like 110 possible roles in the game, and the game plays anywhere between 11 and 30 players. The roles that are in the game at the start will be public knowledge, but who gets what will be randomized.

I’m also seeking a co-host, as usual.

Please let me know if you have any questions / if this might seem interesting / what roles you might want to play. Thank you!

Here is the relevant documentation:


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y? imho this can work in a forum format
just make each phase longer

I just wanted to say no

But actual answer
All these games feel like basically fm that doesn’t have to go through main queue
that feels…a bit unreasonable?

i mean

it was dat’s decision to make all deathless / flipless and deductive / adventure but distinctively not FoL / SFoL / Standard / Vanilla games into miscs that did not have to be reviewed because of the low interest level in hosting them.

I imagine things might change if hosting miscs became more popular, but for now I agree with him

miscs have never been hindered by the hosting status of FM games here, only each other

I have my own problems with it, and that’s why I’m not saying it should be taken down
because they’re my problems

it just seems disingenuous

i respect your opinion

But i maintain that all miscs have an extremely distinct feel from any games that currently require review, and i think others might agree with me

if hosting miscs becomes more popular / iffy, then a review process maybe should be added for them

But even if one were, I maintain that the misc review process should be entirely distinct from that of the rest of the queue.

not really
they operate by different mechanics

but that’s like trying to say that mashes and vanilla games are not both fm

There is no other conceivable reason as to why they have always been distinctly operated

difference of opinion
I don’t control queue

yeah, i know

if you want to campaign for a change, i’d prefer that you reach out to those that do instead of just throwing shade in my interest check thread

this link is invalid, i fixed it and it is here (will update into the OP when im capable of more edits in 8 hours). Other two links from OP are still valid tho:

the misc queue is one per person max. So i’ll queue this after airlock if there’s interest.

I was planning on coming to this thread just to ask why putting another interest check after airlock

got kind of out of hand

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  1. this game is a good deal more complicated than airlock so i figured it was probably a good idea to give players a month plus before signups will post for this thing for me to help explain how it works and gather interest (since although it plays 11-30, it’s kind of better the more players it has).
  2. i didn’t know until after i created this thread that each user may only have one misc in the queue max at a time
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No I didnt, I never said this. Can you not throw words into my mouth?


You never said this verbally before, that is true
But the way you started the misc queue by leaving things as they were implied that things were still as they were

and that description is how things have been and still are

so :man_shrugging:

Despite that it seems there was opposition…
I have played this game online and in person before and find it to be very enjoyable.
I have also played mafia / FM irl too and find it to be quite different to say the least.


I’d play this as a turbo.
At forum time scale I’d rather not

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w i d e