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Ready or Not, Here I Come.

Every round, one player is designated as the Seeker. The Hiders All have to find a place to hide. Certain items can increase chance of survival.
The Seeker then chooses one hiding place to check. They will injure the Hider hiding there, if any is. All players have three heath states; Healthy, Injured and Dying.

The game will progress until there’s only a small number remaining.
Further mechanics will be explained.

If you dm me a decent class, i’ll add it.



You can totally believe in me!
Hider Passive - Save me! If you are hiding in the same place as someone else as the Seeker comes in, they will be attacked again, you taking no damage.
Seeker Passive - I won’t hurt you. You will be told which Hiding Place has the most Hiders. If the number is tied, it is randomised.


The art of killing is not as easy as the innocent believe.
Hider Passive - Self Defence. If The Seeker finds you, you will fight back, injuring them. This can be done without a weapon. You cannot kill the Seeker.
Seeker Passive - The Art of Killing. You will injure each player twice. You cannot kill them with the second blow.


The sly of Mastery of stealth, of striking from the shadows.
Hider Passive - From the Darkness. You can hide in Dark Places without using a Torch.
Seeker Passive - A Silent Killer. If you find no one in a Hiding Place, you may try again.

Hiders -

That’s just death note, so… nah


make death note rp

I know you mean the anime, and I say
Not until Monsters is finished.

No, there is a game named “Death Note” actually.

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Forum game.

did this game have further, unexplained mechanics beyond find & injure, and a rotating seeker?

I messed up the games names apparently, it wasn’t death note, it was something else.


were you thinking of Minority rule?

because this game almost certainly does.
if your careful you can find one or two

Secret hiding places, items, etc.

asking eevee for comparison sakes.
i trust you to do that sorta stuff magnus


How is minority rule even simlar to this?

well people going into rooms, and things happening depending on where they go.

IDK it just reminded me of that.

… I thought mechanic-wise, not that game has… rooms.

yeah i know that now.

But the game having rooms is at least somewhat of a similarity.

Don’t judge me. I’m tired.

Anyway, this should go to forum matches.

This is nohow a roleplay.

What are the Places to hide?