[MISC] GodCard: Third Time’s the Charm



Actions are done by prefacing them with a / and bolding them. Send actions in thread to publicly do stuff or send them in your role chat to attempt to do them privately.
There will be a thread for your current location/party. If you are a part of the “main party” the thread will be this thread. otherwise it will be a dm with every player that is present, (or just your rolechat if its only you). in order to do public actions you do them in this thread. this means that every player present can see the action and know that you attempted it. i.e. even if you do " /sneakily pickpocket [x] everyone in the thread, and subsequently every character, will know you attempted this. but if you do that in your rolechat, and are successful, the players will not be notified.


Will be expanded/filled out as mechanics are revealed to the main group.

To join

To join, simply express interest in joining by saying something like “I want to join” or “/join” or “/in” or “sign me up, coach” or whatever you want


Fair warning. This is not dama’s godcard. We reserve the right to change almost anything from his universe for this one. There are a couple things that will be different though, and that we can say for sure for now

  • The cards work a bit differently, with their power levels tweaked as well as a couple other things.
  • In your character sheet/application, you can choose the figure on your card, however we will make the powers of it




Part 1

  1. Nerbins - Lost
  2. Hjasik - Killed
  3. Boss110 - Escaped
  4. Fireslol - Killed
  5. Kai_5 - Escaped
  6. Firekitten - Modkilled
  7. James - Escaped
  8. Lightsin - Lost
  9. GamerPoke - Killed

Part 2

  1. Hjasik
  2. James
  3. Boss110
  4. Kai

it was a dark night. As different figures enter the city, each by different routes, the city burst up fireworks of magic.

Each player starts in their dm at the start.