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[MISC] Forum || Saw (7/7 alive)


Ah. Umm /2 in 20 chance it


You attempted to force the door.


The door slammed open.


Peek inside


It was a small room. The first thing to catch your eye was a small handgun, with some ammunition lying next to it on a red velvet pillow. The rest of the room was shrouded in darkness.


/Take handgun with Ammo while not stepping on anything


GamerPoke didn’t take the gun.


dammit, I was careful too


/Pull velvet Pillow and run out


When Poke grabbed the pillow, he snapped a string attached to the Magnum. The door started to close.


Ah, scary trap


escape without gun - 5<
Escape with gun - 15<


Luck or what?


On the dice.


I wonderrr, /Take the gun what can go wrong


You attempted to grab the gun and ammo before fleeing the room.

Were you fast enough?
@Discobot roll 1d20


:game_die: 9


Dont need to leave


Oof the door closed.


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