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[MISC] Forum || Saw (7/7 alive)




“Can you talk?”


the man regarded you. You noticed a statue behind them, holding a real shotgun. Perhaps they were trying to take it…


“Hey I am talking to you here! Say something!”


/kill wolf with My superior intellegence


With what? A punch?


With superior intellegence


He could have help us or at least we can tied him up and maybe interrogated him


Pity. I’ve got to sleep. Back at 2019-04-04T22:00:00Z


@H_Hjasik Cancel you action


I don’t even think Magnus will proceed it but still cancel it just in case


How does one kill a Person with superior intellegence?


It’s possible


@Boss110 could I get the bullets?


the man picked up the shotgun, then turned to you all and said with a deep, prophetic voice:


Afterwords the man went a little bit toward the group, and placed the shotgun on the floor in front of you, and went to go past you guys


You didn’t intervene.

The Man went past you, closing the Unmarked door behind them. Now you were alone. To the left was the statue, no longer holding a shotgun. To the right was another unmarked door. Behind you led back, and that was where the Wolf masked character went.


where do you go?



To the great right


The door wasn’t locked, but it appeared to be stuck fast. It would require force to open.