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[MISC] Forum || Saw (7/7 alive)


If there was way out We wouldnt need to help them


They both didn’t died from suffocation yet. Meaning there must be a wide open space somewhere


The most likely scenario is they fall into a pit and can’t get up


We cant help them if there is some kind of item or exit there is nothing We can do that they couldnt


Let’s go to the unlocked door and see if there is anything there first, how about that


In best case scenario We will be able to pull 2 persons out And leave 2 persons there And in worst We will Be all stuck




/Go back




You returned upstairs.


did someone make a map Cuz I dont remember stuff


Wait, the unlocked door lead to the attic


/Open the unmarked door


you can go to the unmarked door?


it led to a crossroad branching left and right. To the left was… was a person wearing a Wolf Mask!


“Hello handsome”


/follow boss btw


”Hello there”


Shut up, I got this


Did wolf speak in your DM