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[MISC] Forum || Saw (7/7 alive)


COHOST @Simon.

”wake up,” a voice said. You felt woozy, recovering from the blow to your head. You had been grabbed in your home, that much you knew, but you couldn’t remember; your memory was fading, amnesiacs at work.

All players will start as victims in the trial. There are no RNG traps, although there is one RNG element: the dice roll. Survivors will have 20 points they can invest into the following stats(10 points per stat only)
Intelligence - Increases your chance at Intelligence Dice roles.
Strength - Increases your physical strength and your chance at Strength Dice roles.
Endurance - Your resilience to pain, and your unwillingness To give into Insanity.
Luck - Increases your chance at successful Dice roles.

Big text is reserved for the hosts (although I apparently don’t use it)
Actions are done in your card.
The main thread follows the group majority. If you’re alone, you do your story in your card.

Partner In crime - You will share a private chat with another player permanently with this perk. If you are not paired for whatever reason, you will be granted a passive ability.
Quick Thinker - Gain a passive ability.
Tool Kit - Gain a random item.
Self-Care - Heal yourself of minor wounds. Can be used once per room.
Clarity - Meditate, recovering your Sanity. Can only be used twice.
One Last Fight - Start with a random weapon.
Feeling Lucky? Enter a raffle. Only one player who selects this will win. They will gain a Survival Knife, a First Aid and a screwdriver. The winner will not be declared.

Statuses of players are shown here. These are the statuses:
Still alive - Confirmed living.
Unknown - Survivor hasn’t been seen for a while, but there’s no reason to think they’re dead.
Presumed Dead - Fallen prey to a trap and haven’t been seen since. Not confirmed dead.
Dead - Survivor confirmed dead. bodies can be looted.

  1. Boss110 - Unknown
  2. Lightsin - Modkilled (outed)
  3. H_Hjasik - Still alive
  4. GamerPoke - Unknown
  5. Isaac_Gonzalez - Still alive
  6. Margaret - Presumed Dead
  7. Eevee - Unknown




Do you have a co-host?
since our time zones are almost opposite


I don’t have a cohost yet.


/join if you’re going to get one
If they have a closer timezone to mine that is


You wanna cohost H? Or no?


Huh. Okay H, I’m gonna do a test:
What time do you see:


9 am march 28 (today)


That’s an evil time


What does it show you


3 AM lol


i see 3 am




are you sure about that?


Today 2:00 AM
Also oof


Not a good time then but /Join


Today 2PM




I have a cohost, currently.


5 cool people we will win this


you three wanna join this?