[Misc] Escape The Night - [Canned]

To my esteemed friends, I have acquired an illustrious estate through the death of a distant relative whom I’ve never met.

I only thought it fitting that I invite you all to attend a dinner party on its grounds. It will certainly be a night to remember. However, the estate is quite peculiar and only exists in the year 1920.

To enter its grounds, you must be dressed entirely with clothing of that era. If you are carrying anything from the modern world, the house will simple never appear for you.

And not only your clothing, but your attitude must reflect the time. I have included your unique characteristics on the back of this invitation.

My driver will pick you up and take you on a road that can only be driven by his mysterious time-travelling automobile. Then, almost like magic, the place will appear.

This game is part of the second anniversary event.

Ladies and gentlemen, can you believe that Throne of Lies is turning two years old soon? Neither can I! That’s why I’m inviting you to a party in a glorious mansion! The only drawback is that it’s stuck in the 1920s and there’s no way for modern technology to function. It’s only for one night, so it’s not like anything bad can happen… right?

If you’re unfamiliar with what I’m talking about, this game is based off the YouTube Original show, Escape the Night, hosted by Joey Graceffa. As such, most of the elements from the first season will be taking place here. Of course, there’s some elements that are not able to be translated into the forums, so don’t expect a perfect replica. Anyway, in most rounds of the game, there will be three phases during each Chapter (Or Round, whichever you prefer) which are as follows: The Exploration Phase, The Voting Phase, and the Final Death Challenge.


The Exploration Phase: In the Exploration Phase, you will be guided to explore certain rooms or areas of the mansion in search of clues and puzzles to solve. You will be described the rooms/areas that are important during the current round and the objects inside them that may or may not be important. It doesn’t hurt to check. Once you’ve found all the clues and solved the given puzzles, the voting phase will begin.

The Voting Phase: The Voting Phase is short and simple, but it’s not like voting someone up in a typical forum match. Each player alive will write down who they will send to fight to the death by speaking in your class card. You can’t vote for a player that’s already dead, but you can vote for anyone else… including yourself. The more votes someone has on them, the more likely they are to be sent into a Final Death Challenge. Once everyone has voted, two names will be drawn. The two players chosen will be sent to fight to the death.

The Final Death Challenge: While the other players may chat freely in the main thread, the two players (And more people if applicable) will be sent into a private thread where they will compete with their own tasks. What goes on inside is only truly known to the fighters, but one thing’s for sure: Someone’s going to die. Will it always be someone sent into the challenge?.. In order to enter the mansion, you must enter as a persona from the 1920s. You might not have costumes, but you do have one thing… CLASS CARDS!

Class Cards

At the beginning of the game, each player will be given a class card based off a persona that was featured in the show. On your card, you will be given two objectives. Everyone’s main objective is to escape the night. (Get it? Heh?) However, by the end of the game, only a few players will be left alive, so to make things less frustrating and maybe even a little more fun, there’s a second objective that corresponds to your unique persona. What could these second objectives be? Shh… that’s a secret. You will also gain a special ability that can help you along the way. Some of them may only be used during a certain phase while others may be used once during the whole game. If you want to use your ability, let the host know in your class card. There’s no direct penalty for talking about your persona’s name, unique ability and objective, but… there might be consequences if you wish to spew them freely.

One More Thing…

As this is part of the anniversary event, all participants will be given lottery tickets for the second anniversary lottery. If a replacement occurs, tickets will be split between players. The amount given to each party will be decided by the host and or mods.

If there’s anything you’re unsure about or if there’s something you want to ask, please let me know.


  1. Magnus
  2. Simon
  3. SirDerpsALot
  4. Isaac_Gonzalez
  5. PokemonKidRyan
  6. Shurian
  7. KyoDaz
  8. WazzaAzza
  9. Marshal


  1. Jgoesgaming


  1. DatBird
  2. JaketheWolfie? (He’s stalking, but I’m not sure if he means spectate or not)
    The party starts on September 29th. Hope you can make it.

watch the genius


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i’d host the genius here but

those comps take brainpower

already my 3rd anniversary game but this is right up my alley.
ive basically cleared my schedule all day that day


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I’ve already joined a lot of games, but would be willing to backup here as this looks cool.


Wow Squid is still alive


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There’s a lotta games going on right now, but feel free to put me in if you need me in.

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Gonna be a busy few weeks with all the games

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Agree with Wazza. I’m not exactly experienced in roleplay.


can i join this


Yes you can. The game won’t start until the 29th, but you can sign up before that date


@Isaac_Gonzalez I’m gonna lift your blacklist for the duration of the event.

Show me in games that you improved.


ok thats epic


/spectate this anniversary came at the worst time but I will read it at least


Puzzles :smiley:

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I do not Spectate what I am not invited for.

@Magnus @Shurian Roleplay spotted

if magnus joins in dropping