[MISC] Escape Room Redux (6/7) Chat currently decommissioned

The Escape Room I hosted a while ago was received well. I figured that, with the
new skills I have when it comes to role playing, I would redux that and make it
better. The traps and rooms are new - harder to complete in some cases.
While all players have the objective to escape they may have some subgoals to
No abilities — Some were too powerful or too weak. All players will have to use
things the old way — regular tools and weapons, not magic.

look here to see the original Escape Room. This is going to be a good one.

The original Escape Room was my very first MISC.

  1. H_Hja
  2. James - Arbiter
  3. DirectorHail
  4. Boss110 - Arbiter
  5. Simon - Arbiter
  6. FreyaPlays
  7. Sulit Eaten Alive by Spiders

The Story

Phase 1
Jailed - Chapter One.
Dark Room - Chapter Two.
Fiery Room - Chapter Three.
Return to the Dark Room - Chapter Four.
Mannequin Murder Room - Chapter Five.
Phase 2
Apothecary - Chapter One.
Tempoarily Decommissioned - Group Splintered


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Cool title: I will raise hell.

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Raise hell? Me? Neeeever…

Who’d you beg to give you a title? :wink:


“I promise this be afk for atleast 90% of the roleplay this time”

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Please tell me you’re joking.

“Yes I’m joking, I’m indirectly hinting back to the original escape room to where I was Afk except for 2 or 3 rooms”

SubGoal:Serial Killer, Be the only one to escape

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You mean that one time where I turned into an immortal despacito spider zombie?


But yes.

but then how will i have an unnatural amount of information about the rooms we enter to use in my complex plans? :cry:


also inb4 magnus gives me a subgoal that explicitly means i have to kill people just to test me

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You’re still extremely clever. In escape room you were the MVP.
And James was considered MVP in GodCard, I reckon.
This will be interesting.

All players will get to choose a personal strength privately.

“I wouldnt be surprised if someone has a subgoal to kill everyone else and to be the only one to escape, i’ll just say i love my sub goal.”

Please more people! Pleas!

Marked my word that Hail will be the first one to died

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