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[Misc] Escape room (8/9) second party ENDGAME (Escape on 2nd floor)


Mia already escaped


mia is outside already


Didnt need to?


Oh she is?

Cool then i’ll go with you simon


Anyway you 2 should probably take the parachute, to not harm Marg’s wings




/bless the parachute to not actually break for 1 person


/use wrench with the rubber handle to take out the green fuze
@Magnus (also look at marg’s post above this)


you took out the green fuse.


The one time my passive saved you simon


you’ve reached the maximum likes. Please wait 0 minutes before you can use more.


then why don’t you just make more? smh


/put on the parachute


Simon wore the parachute.


@Margaret you can fly with those wings right?


/hold onto Simon


I need someone for that



About that


(Pop the parachute. Does Boss still have the grenade?)


Ok guys, don’t git too intimate

This needs to stay a SFW game