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[Misc] Escape room (8/9) second party ENDGAME (Escape on 2nd floor)


no. The Colors became colourless, and it was black underneath.



(well in case theres an order to them i need to know which is which)


don’t question me, or you’ll learn things. Sicilian things.


teach me uwu~

  1. Litter. (Lvl1)
  2. Rob banks. (Lvl :infinity:)


Simon took all four fuses and went to the fuse box.


/put in dah fuzes in order aquired


/Is the hostage in the room?


the fuses went in and the parachute popped out.


/if not this is fake news


can 2 ppl fit in the parachute or just 1


Prob 2

But very close

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


also does the wrench have a rubber handle? @Magnus


it has a rubber handle (confirmed).


and the parachute?


the parachute has two handles, both rubber. I think that’s what You mean.


Oh btw Simon

I got wings


So take Mia with you


you didnt think to mention this earlier