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[Misc] Escape room (8/9) Majority Escape


rob a bank.

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Then cops came Mia said we kidnapped her. Which I didnt. Then gamer jumped and i went with the authorities. Then they didnt let me call Simon. I wanted to help yall escape with info


Oh, nevermind about not snitching


So yes, Datbird claims self defense

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I taught Mia well


He felt threatened during the encounter, and was in fear for his own life.


/Whisper to lawyer “I wanna claim guilty.”


cries internally


/whisper to poke you can try insanity claim, but it almost never works out


Like I have the guy I dropped as my lawyer. He either forgives me or has Stockholm syndrome

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No this is a different guy

Old Lightsin is sliding into DMs right now


I was bitten by an evil zombie man and lost my mind. I have a bitemark as proof


I’m gonna make an SCP theme of this, maybe SCP-024 :wink: thanks to boss’s suggestion. I’ll ask Solic.

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Do the IKEA one


My client claims that He was attacked and infected with a nuerological bioweapon, which made him unable to control his actions entirely.

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Game over


It’s a valid claim


btw, Isaac died by Marg intentionally.