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[Misc] Escape room (8/9) Majority Escape


It was us jk jk


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I know the real creator. If you let me go, I can lead you to him


/gib like

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I want Mia’s afterstory


Poke don’t tell


She probably got intimate with Lightsin

Mainly since you know

She seemed real furious that I was killed


Can ya bail me out¿


No. And no.


who wants to see something like this again? (Like or reply to say Yes)


Uhh I was just trying to escape and then game grabbed me i defended myself. Told him to stop his ways he did. We both climbed. There was a fire. We saw Mia and Light coming up and we were like cool Mia. Then game stepped on his hands. I caught him but gamer would have dropped me in also if I didnt drop light. I apologize but it was my life before lights


To Say Yes


Yes, but with actual timelines and passives doing things :slight_smile:


And incorporate flood in it ig


I’ll pay $♾ to free Poke and dat.

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Not too OP items that I had


That works


/prays for Magnus to lose his money

Oops seemed uhh you have no money to bail em’ out with


I wont snitch then