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[Misc] Escape room (8/9) Majority Escape




Technically Wazza too unless he left


/give like

My solution to out of likes


Wazza escaped


It was a consequence of you indirectly


But how did u lose


I had to eliminate the zombies before they escaped and made it into the population


/go over and smak the fuck outta boss with the holy wrench


Simon - Escaped
Margaret - Escaped
Boss110 - Apprehended
Datbird - Apprehended
GamerPoke - Apprehended
Lightsin - died, resurrected, Escaped.
Isaac_Gonzolas - died
H_Hjasik - Missing, presumed dead.

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Aka the traitors


Bonus content!


apparently @GamerPoke wasnt a zombie, yes?

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Boss was still a traitor that I needed to end


I was never a zombie. It was my own will


GamerPoke and Datbird were being interrogated. Type L to be the Lawyer, first to do it is it, type IN to be the Interrogator.


magnus, where dat smak at




It wasn’t me


just kidding i dont want it


i just wanted to be the first

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