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[Misc] Escape room (8/9) Majority Escape



THIS IS NOT A TRADITIONAL FORUM GAME. 10 players. 10 rooms. Deadly traps. Each room is designed so 1 player will die each room. You need to work together, and then stab eachother in the backs as you try to become the Soul survivor.
There are trials. The trials work so that you will have To vote a player up at certain points of the game. Trial votes will be messaged to me privately. Then i will reveal the votes. Your votes will be kept anonymous.
YOU WILL BE ABLE TO COLLECT ITEMS. The items give you special abilities, which will come in handy later.
The doors to the first room will open once 10 players have entered the Manor.
Each player will start with a special passive.


  1. GamerPoke (First Party)
  2. Simon (First Party) ^title: Pacifist
  3. Hippolytus
  4. PoisonedSquid (First Party)
  5. Margaret (First Party) ^title: Filthy Rich
  6. isaac_Gonzalez
  7. DirectorHail.
  8. Datbird (First Party)
  9. boss110 (First Party) ^Survivor
  10. FireKitten (First Party) ^Traitor

/Enter if you dare.

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[MISC] SCP - Mortality (closed)

Hello Zepp Intensifies

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do you wish to enter the manor?



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excellent choice my friend. The sole survivor will retrieve a great prize.

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hang on didnt noz do this a couple times?

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Good choice.


is this more like the noz one, or more like that puzzle game hippo tried to run that one time?
i.e. legit difficult puzzles, or escape the room decision-based puzzles, or somewhere inbetween




should i run another SAW over the summer?


id be interested in that


/yes plz thx

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That wasnt me that was whammerist im shit at puzzles lol


Sure /join

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oh yeah. whatever, still

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/Meh, why not?

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/Enter the Bastard Within

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Why did you fake delete your account


@Boss110 WTF IS UR PFP



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