[Misc] Death Note METE - Alison won!


Even more so

I don’t know how it could be more obvious









Why would you want to be an investigative if executioner does the exact same thing but gives you potential deathnotes?

Investigator does not remove potential cover.

They investigate the name and learn if it has alias or not.

If it does, they can give this name to executioner to kill.
And if investigator saw this name having a death note… well… they can always backstab the executioner to get it, after they receive it.

Or they could just change to executioner after finding person with death note and kill them.

Also, investigator CAN target own teammates to check if they have deathnotes for backstabs :wink:

Remember, killing Real Name kills potential enemy, but also removes a cover your name has, by reducing number of choices.

Two questions. Can someone have the same real name as someone else and do you remove the real name from the list after it has been checked or does it get publicly revealed or is it all hidden

  1. I would ask both of them to chose other names if they select the same, so… no.
  2. And yes, I reveal publicly what was killed and if it was a player or a civilian.

So list of names gets shorter every time you kill someone.

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Does executioner have to know both real name and alias then?

this but 4v4v4v4

No, executioner targets Real Name and kills it.

I don’t see the point in not immediately switching to executioner then considering it does the exact same thing but obtains deathnotes for you

The only downside is that people might think you have a higher chance of having one because you’re actively killing.

alternatively, you stay an investigator so people know you probably dont have a death note, find who does, and form a small alliance with another person
blackmail the other person to do your bidding or you reveal their real name and that they have a death note