[Misc] Death Note METE - Alison won!


The King of Shinigami was very bored, so he decided to throw down 5 death notes into the human world and just watch people fight over them as a show.


  1. The Host will be refered to as the Shinigami.

  2. Each player will submit, aka pm, a custom one word name to me. Try to be as real as possible. These will be refered as Real Names, while forum name will be refered as Alias. These Real Names will be mixed together with a list of random generated names.
    There will be a total of 60-70 Real Names at the start of the game.

  3. Every player will be assigned a team. They are the Kira Cult, Task Force Office, Mafia and SPK. Each team will have 4 persons, and team members’ Real Names are revealed in the team. Team name means nothing, just like red team blue team and etc. You will also get a chat where you can talk with your team members.

  4. 2 Player from each team will be assigned as the Investigator, the other 2 will be the executor. Investigators, for every 12 Hour, can investigate a Real Names from the list to know their Alias(If any) and the number of death note they own. While the Executors, for every 12 hours, can select a Real Names from the list and kill him, and get all their death note if they have any.
    Each player may choose to swap their role once in the entire game, from invest to exe or reversed.

  5. 5 Random players will spawn with a death note
    For each Death note you own, you may select a Real Name from the list and kill him every 12 hours, and get their death note if they have any. Just like the executors.

  6. The ultimate goal for every player is to own a death note when all the remaining player owns one. So, this is actually a FFA game

  7. Each player have a betray ability to kill one of their teammate and get their death note, one use per game

  8. In order to prevent players from fulfilling their roles less efficiently due to lack of time in real life, everyone may ask the Shinigami to schedule an action up to 24 hours forward from sending the pm.

  9. Whenever a Real Name was killed, his death, his Alias and Team(If any) will be announced in the thread

  10. You can give death note to other players as long as you know theirs Real Name and they know yours.

  11. PMs with other players are allowed, as long as you add me to the dm chain.

  12. Dead people are still allowed to communicate.

  13. Have fun! And watch out for you “teammates”…

List of Real Names:

Example 1: Benjamin
Example 2: Lucas
Example 3: Sakamoto


  1. Hippo
  2. Lastday

Name lists:



Come, be killed in METE again.

so, if i join, i have a wifom situation on my hands,

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/in because bored

What the fuck

Only eevee could make a team-based FFA

Holy fuck dude

Okay but are they going to be only English and Japanese? What ratio are there?

Ideally we pick one language

This is actually insane

I haven’t read everything but I read the basics

I LOVE this concept, but on holiday, so rip. Enjoy guys.


Hell yes

I’m going to make the most bullshit name and submit it.

Please don’t

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Also can you explain the differences between the teams?

looks at list of names


‘hmm, which one is Jake’s, I wonder’


It will be more obvious than that.


Even more obvious.