[MISC]Danganronpa - Needing Confirmation

Ah yes, the perfect strategy.

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also what happens if the Mastermind just gets murdered lol

the mastermind likely has NUTTY tier luck

or some other form of protection

For some reason, I have a feeling that my WiM is going to depend on the character I’m playing.

It’s DR, though, so I’m probably bound to enjoy it regardless.

hello join my ama

dont look at my sister lik ethat

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Hi Chloe. >:))


Failed as the Blackened will still succeed, however it won’t count for the number of class trials that the MM needs to fail.

Basically if the pre-determined number is 2 and the chapter goes like this:

CH1 - Executes the blackened.
CH2 - Blackened gets away, participant gets accused.
CH3 - Executes the blackened.
CH4 - Blackened gets away, MM gets accused, then the MM will not win yet.

I’m going to be rooting for you so you better win this.

my username is the same because no mods can come up with a good enough name

Why me specifically?

No Ans, root for kat.

The other spec.

Do I need a reason?

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alice you said the number of trials needed to fail were hidden

if you were the participant in CH2 who was falsely accused do you die?

This was an example. It may or may not be two.

No, you still live. But since you’d be a participant then this raises the number of failed trials by one, which puts the MM closer to victory.

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And they also have 0 need to wonder around alone at night

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