[MISC] Danganronpa - Game's End


  • Works similar to other misc/forum matches such as Sulit’s recent VLDR.

  • Fifteen players are selected as Participants, one is selected as the Mastermind.

  • Participants have two differing wincons. They either become a Blackened and survive the Class Trial, or they survive the Final Trial and expose the Mastermind. Throughout the game you can search around the school for clues that can lead to the Mastermind or accessories that can help you in your murder plot. However, some participants may have alternate wincons.

  • The Mastermind’s wincon is to survive the Final Trial and remain unexposed or for an N amount of Class Trials to select an incorrect player who is not the Mastermind as the Blackened. The Mastermind also has several benefits and tools the Participants lack, but they cannot become the Blackened. The N is unknown even for the Mastermind.

  • Failing a class trial won’t end the game for the Spotless students, but failing a hidden pre-determined amount will. This amount is decided before the game begins and will not be revealed to anyone.

  • This is how the game phases work.


Daily Life begins.


A person finds the body, can be the Blackened who found it.


Game transitions into Deadly Life.


Twenty-four hours pass.


Class Trial begins.


48 hours pass or the entire class agrees on a blackened.


Next chapter begins with Daily Life.

There are five normal chapters where this happen. The sixth is a Final Trial.

  • Each player begins with a limited number of movement points, to cross a grey hallway in the map it costs one MP. Such as if you wish to go to the West Commons to the Garbage Disposal Room it would cost you 2 MP. 20% of your MP is replenished per hour you spend in your Dorm.

  • Players can go to their own dorm, the bathrooms, or the cafeteria for free if they have 0 MP.

  • Each player begins with a limited number of Action Points, to use an action it costs one AP. Such as if you wish to go to search for a book in the Library it would cost 1 AP. 20% of your AP is replenished per hour you spend in your dorm.


  • Killing a player is decided by a mixture of RNG and stats. If a kill fails then the would-be victim is not notified. To attempt a murder it costs 40% of your total AP.

  • When a murder happens, the murder weapon will be bloodied. In addition if the kill was done in via a melee range then the killer will be splattered in blood. This will require them to change clothes, wash themselves, or use something like a blanket to prevent blood from splattering on them. Bloodied items can only be disposed of the room the murder happened or a room that had one tile adjacent to it.

  • Murders can only happen during the Daily Life Phase.

  • Accessories to murder can only be dropped in the room or the one adjacent to where the murder happened, however they can be incinerated in the Garbage Disposal Room.

  • Up to two players can be murdered in a single chapter. In the case both players are murdered by the same person or the first Blackened is murdered, then the Blackened to be found will always be the double murderer or the player who murdered the first Blackened.

  • It is possible for the Blackened to also be the victim in the case of suicide.

  • In the case of two different Blackeneds for two victims the Blackened to be found will be the killer of the victim whose body was first discovered, and the killer of the other victim will just become a normal participant.

School Map


  • Be advised that there is a single hidden passageway that connects two rooms together


  • Each player gets one with their character name, talent, gender, stats, and four abilities which can be passives or actives. Additionally, some players may have additional wincons.

  • Claiming and fakeclaiming are both allowed. Fakeclaiming is encouraged regardless if you wish to become a Blackened or not as claiming early may help the Blackened avoid being caught by your talent.

  • Your gender in your rolecard determines which bathroom or locker room you’re allowed to enter, not your IRL one.

Item Slots

  • Each player by default begins with one private item slots and five public item slots.

  • Anyone can check another player’s public slot, but the private slot will remain hidden regardless

  • However, during Deadly Life the private slot will temporary turn into a public slot.


Periodically the Mastermind will be able to add customized motives to the game, at the maximum of one motive per chapter. These motives can include alternative wincons, changing game mechanics, and whatnot. There will be a special announcement for each motive when they are issued.


  • For the first and last 6 hours of the day the game will be during nighttime.

  • During night-time the odds of finding information is halved, but the odds of finding weapons and accesories to a murder is doubled.

  • Staying in your dorm during nighttime will allow you to gain up to 200% of your Maximum AP or MP and the recovery rate is doubled.

  • The rolls for murder during nighttime is boosted, so a player has a higher chance of killing another during night.

  • MP cost is tripled during nighttime.

  • The Library and the Gym are closed during nighttime.

Hunger Bar - Decreases by 20% every 12 hours. Starts and maximum at 100%. If it goes to 0 then your Action Points and Movement points will stay at 0 until it rises back to 50%.

Digestion Bar - Increases by 10% every time you eat or drink something. Starts at 0% and maximum is 100%. If it goes to 100% then your Action Points and Movement points will stay at 0 until you go to a restroom. You may rest it to 0% by going to a bathroom.

Special Rooms

  • Dormitories: Each player has their own Dormitory. Other players cannot enter your dormitory without your permission unless you are dead. Staying in your own Dormitory restores AP and MP.

  • Cafeteria: While you’re in the Cafeteria you may speak in the main thread. Effectively, this is a public commons. Also you may eat from the table here, which raises your Hunger Bar to 100%.

  • Bathrooms: You may only enter the Bathroom of your gender. Staying here will zero out your Digestion Bar.

  • Garbage Disposal Room: Contains the Incinerator. Players may dispose of evidence in the Incinerator. However in order to turn it on they are required to use their own Monopads, which will leave a print on the Incinerator’s memory bank which is publicly shown.

Strength (STR)

  • Potential to kill regarding slashing, bludgeoning, stabbing, and strangulation.
  • Additionally certain obstacles can only be moved by characters with a high level of Strength

Constitution (CON)

  • Grants additional Maximum Movement Points.
  • Grants additional Maximum Action Points.

Agility (AGI)

  • Increases the chance of a search netting an item.
  • Potential to kill regarding projectile weapons.

Intelligence (INT)

  • Increases the chance of you gaining information by reading a book or a file.

Luck (LUK)

  • Increases the chance of surviving an incoming kill.
  • Increases the chance of finding an item or getting information by reading a book or file.


  1. Jane - Fumihiro Maruyama
  2. DatBird - Nariko Sawai
  3. Sulit - Yoshiko Kurokawa - EXECUTED CH1
  4. PKR - Akari Ito
  5. Apprentice - Misaki Sakamoto
  6. Marshal - Takumi Masuda
  7. Italy - Junpei Inukai
  8. Wazza - Tatsuo Ando
  9. Universal - Tsubasa Mori
  10. KyoDaz- Satoshi Ishionda - MURDERED CH1
  11. Geyde - Haruka Sugiyama
  12. CRichard - Katsuo Hagimoto
  13. Moleland - Ayumi Hashimoto
  14. Vulgard - Yui Himura
  15. Gorta - Hideyoshi Shiroyama
  16. Zone - Hana Miura


  1. Mist1442
  2. Magnus
  3. TrustworthyLiberal
  4. Centuries
  5. Leafia
  6. an_gorta_pratai
  7. N.1
  8. Maximus Prime


  1. Katze
  2. Napoleon
  3. Anstreim
  4. Astand
  5. Arete

Do not post until the game officially begins.


Making the prologue quick as any DR fan probably has seen this go over nine thousand times.

Thomp thomp…

“What? Argh!”

You sixteen wake up to a loud voice in an empty torn-down gym without any memories of how you all arrived in the place. Before you have any chance to proceed a large screen comes down from above, and on it you see a moving teddy bear.

The bear greets you all and introduces himself as Monokuma, and now he offered you all a choice on how to exit from this building and return to civilization.

“It’s simple. All you have to do is kill someone.”

Many words were said, but that was the only sentence that stuck into your minds.

To murder another student in order to leave… is this the only solution to escape this blasted place? In shock, you sixteen decide to exit the gym and stay at the cafeteria in order to plan your next move.

The Prologue has begun. You all have 24 hours to discuss matters at hand in the Cafeteria. In the meanwhile all rooms aside from the Cafeteria, the Bathrooms, and your Dormitory are locked.




a travesty vul didn’t rand this


pairing off into groups is dumb, we should all go alone in dark places



The caferia is an open an empty room, with two tables surrounded by eight chairs each.

Food frequently from time to time unexplainedly appears on the table.


People I am indebted / can trust based off meta:
• Marshal
• Wazza
• CRich
• gorta

People I have grudge with / do not want to trust based off meta:
• sulit
• Mole

Anyone else is neutral to me.

@Marshal, @Wazza, @CRichard564, @an_gorta_pratai
I ask you four, and only you four, to trust me and follow me once Daily Phase 1 starts. …I originally planned to bring along two of you, but I might as well take two more since I am indebted to them.

*screws over literally everyone in VLDR*

yes im trustworthy plz beleave me im no killo

You were one of the two OG people I wanted to bring, so thank you for listening. I can only hope that you will be keeping your word, since… I don’t like people who don’t keep their word.


hi people!!!

huh, cool.

So, why are you bringing me and why should I come?

Yeah. Just as much as I have a grudge list, I also have an IOU list for misc games.

@Marshal @Universal wanna team up i have cookies

Hello everyone.

I am bringing you because “I owe you,” and not because of meta. You can choose to not follow me, but I am offering “something beneficial” to those who follow me.

P.S. When I say “follow,” I meant literally following me to a specific room; not “make me the leader.”