[Misc] Cleansing - Postponed Game due to IRL issues - Will Reroll in the Future in Another Thread

No thanks Alice


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does this start whenever it fills or a set date after it fills?

it looks interesting but idk about my activity levels rn if i join this

Set date.

alright, do you have expectations on when this will fill/start?

June 16th, as per the OP.

oh im blind lmao

as per usual

hi blind lmao I’m Marcus



Still need 6 more players.

@reaper this is not FM, are you interested?


Six is an interesting way to say five.


Setting the Game Up. Do not post until I say so.

As the sun dawns, your entourage slowly approaches the giant and luxurious castle. Here you are greeted by a beautiful woman with long dark hair and a silken dress. Despite the circumstances, she remains and calm and collected and wishes to welcome the group to the castle that she curates.

The grand gates open, and your group follows her through the main hallway into the Grand Hall.

“Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ayumi and I am the keeper of this castle. I have heard from you all why you happen to visit this accursed place. I respect your resolve and your bravery, but I believe that I must guide you to this place at first.”

She takes out a giant map of the castle, with each of the five floors of the palace highly detailed out on the parchment.

“To start off, I assume each of you need your own dormitory, yes? This castle has eight bedrooms, some of which hold up to four people. You can choose which one you would like, however you cannot switch in the future.”

Dormitory List
Dormitory Name Floor Occupants Number of Occupants
Servants’ Bedroom – Left Wing 1F None 0/4
Servants’ Bedroom – Right Wing 1F None 0/4
Guests’ Bedroom – Left Wing 2F None 0/2
Guests’ Bedroom – Right Wing 2F None 0/2
Guests’ Bedroom – Left Wing 3F None 0/2
Guests’ Bedroom – Right Wing 3F None 0/2
Master Bedchambers – Left Wing 4F None 0/1
Master Bedchambers – Right Wing 4F None 0/1

Ayumi then points out where each dormitory lies within the castle on the map.

“At times you may feel either sick, hungry, or you may be wounded in your ordeal. In the event that you feel sick you may use any of the restrooms place around the castle. We also have provided pre-made meals for you on the Banquet Tables in the Kitchen, the Mess Hall, and the Dining Room. Finally, in the Infermary we have stored Band-Aids in the First Aid Cabinet and Medicine Kits in the Medical Drawers.”

Finishing, she points out towards the aforementioned rooms on the map, most of them being located in first floor.

“While I am aware that you are exorcists, this is just a reminder that in the first night you will be here is a sacred one, so no yokai will roam the place. Due to this you will not be able to use your Talismans until the second night. We also have a hallowed ground on the fourth floor, where you can obtain additional Talismans in the Main Shrine there. The idols there also modify your Talismans into a different form in order to exorcise the more persistent yokai.”

Ayumi folds the map back and takes it away.

“For your information, you may also speak in the main thread at night if you decide to go into the Grand Hall during night-time. And before I depart, I have prepared some supplies for your trials here. You may choose to ration them however you want.”

Supply Rations

Ojuzu Beads x2 - Upon usage will inform you if there is a yokai in the area. Consumes when used.
Rice Balls x5 - Prevents you from getting hungry for the next night. Consumes when used.
Ginseng x5 - Prevents you from getting exhausted for the next night. Consumes when used.
Green Tea x5 - Prevents you from getting stomach sickness for the next night. Consumes when used.
Beef Jerky x5 - Allows you to interact with two objects in the same night. Consumes when used.
Talisman x4 - Use it on an object to exorcise any yokai that may be inhabiting it. Consumes when used.
Band Aid x4 - Cures a player from bleeding. Consumes when used.
Radio x2 - While this is in your inventory you can privately speak with any other player that has a Radio at any time of the day.

Player Name Items to Receive
Magnus None
Shurian None
Boss110 None
GamerPoke None
Fireslol None
Andrej None
Blizer None
Mercenary None
PokemonKidRyan None
MathBlade None
WazzaAzza None
DatBird None
Meteoro None/

“If you would like to ask me anything else regarding this castle, I will answer it to the best of my knowledge. To contact me, please add Ayumi, both colored and bolded, before any questions in the main thread while you are in the Grand Hall.”

Ayumi then goes silent to allow the exorcists to debate and plan amongst themselves.

The First Day lasts 48 hours and cannot be skipped.

Please decide as a group on which dormitory you would like to have, and which items you would like to receive in the main thread.

Additionally, choose which room you would like to explore in the first night within your game PM.

Do we have a map? @ alice
@edit: it is in OP I’m dumbo

I would like to be in Master Bedchambers – Right Wing if everyone is okay with that.

Also i would like to have 1 Beef Jerky 1 Band Aid 1 Talisman and 1 Ojuzu Beads

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I want to live in Guest bedroom - left wing

I want to live in Guest bedroom right wing.