[Misc] Cleansing - Postponed Game due to IRL issues - Will Reroll in the Future in Another Thread

What is Cleansing?

Cleansing is a mixture of an RPG, visual novel, and puzzle game that can last across several days and nights.

The game has it’s setting taken place in modern Japan, where a once-vibrant castle has been abandoned and is now overflowing with supernatural phenomena with mysterious and eerie deaths abound. Over time it was discovered that these deaths were caused by violent yokai, or Japanese mythical creatures and spirits.

It is now up to the task of eighteen exorcists, as in the players, to cleanse and purify this castle.

How? The players need to spend their nights scouring the castle for clues on what exactly these yokai are, how to locate them, and how to defeat them, and then discuss and debate on how to approach defeating these yokai in the day.

However, the yokai that have taken ownership of this castle are not going to let it go lightly. While searching for clues the players need to be wary of where they go and what they do, lest they lose their heads or have their souls feasted on by creatures of the underworld.

In this quest, the players can collect and trade items they found in the castle while also discussing the leads that they obtained during the night, creating a collaborative experience where all eighteen players work together in an attempt to solve the game.

How to Play?

Upon the beginning of the first day each player will receive a Talisman and a Medicine Kit. Both are single-use items that can be used to exorcise the yokai and potentially prevent a death on themselves. In the first day each player will be required to choose a dormitory for them for the remainder of the game.

Each day, the players will host a discussion on what leads they have and what they should be doing and whatnot. Every day phase will last up to 48 hours or if the majority wishes to end it early by vote, and night phase will last exactly 24 hours. During the day phase, each player will also choose which room of the castle to explore during the coming night.

However, their exploration will not be guaranteed. Each player provided they have not used any state-modifying items will have a 10% chance of starting the night exhausted, meaning that they cannot leave their own rooms for the night, a 5% chance of being hungry, which means that they will be forced to seek out food for the night, and a 5% chance of having stomach sickness, which will force them to use a restroom rather than exploring a room of their own choice.

While exploring other rooms of the castle, players can interact with objects. These objects can potentially give out clues to help them solve the mysteries surrounding the yokai, items to help them survive and explore the castle, or potentially enrage the yokai into their own demise.

The game is won when all of the yokai are exorcised, while it is lost if all players die to the yokai before that win condition is reached.

Players have logs and they can edit them until they receive their death message. However rather than having the logs flip on death the players will have to travel to the deceased player’s dormitory to read their diary.

If two or more players access the same area during the night, both of them will be able to communicate during the night.

There will be no yokai activity during the first night in order to make sure that every player can at least play the game for two cycles.

Castle Areas - Rooms to Travel

List of Rooms


The Western Garden
The Eastern Garden
The Old Well
The Outhouse
The Back Garden


The Servants’ Bedroom – Left Wing – Houses up to 4 players.
The Servants’ Bedroom – Right Wing – Houses up to 4 players.
The Grand Hall – Players in this room are allowed to speak in the main thread at night.
The Mess Hall
The Infirmary
The Kitchen
The Library
The Foyer
The Bathroom
The Office


The Guest’s Bedroom – 2F Left Wing – Houses up to 2 players.
The Guest’s Bedroom – 2F Right Wing – Houses up to 2 players.
The Living Room
The 2F Bathroom
The Center Mezzanine
The Main Hallway
The Storage
The Armory
The Dining Room


The Guest’s Bedroom – 3F Left Wing – Houses up to 2 players.
The Guest’s Bedroom – 3F Right Wing – Houses up to 2 players.
The 3F Bathroom
The Balcony
The Left Hallway
The Right Hallway
The Alchemy Laboratory
The Left Antechamber
The Right Antechamber
The Temple Ground


The Master Bedchamber – Left Wing – Houses up to 1 player.
The Master Bedchamber – Right Wing – Houses up to 1 player.
The Master Bathroom
The Top Hallway
The Meeting Room


The Attic
The Cellar


To travel, post /explore [room name] in your class card, so if you want to go to the Foyer for the night then please post /explore the Foyer before the day ends.

To use an item, post /use [item name] on [object/player name] in the area thread, or in your class card if you’re alone. Such as if I want to use a Talisman on a vase I find then I would post /use Talisman on Vase in my class card were I alone in the area or in the area thread if anyone else is with me. The same goes to using items if you’re with someone, such as were I to use a Band-Aid on MathBlade then I’d post /use Band-Aid on MathBlade.

During the night to check any object in a room post /check [object name], such as if you want to check a vase then yet again post /check Vase in your class card or area thread depending if you’re alone or not. You can check up to two objects per night.

During the day all players are located in the Grand Hall. In the Grand Hall you may use your items on other players but there are no objects to interact there.


  1. No out-of-game information exchange. Treat this were it a FM, so please do not cheat.
  2. No gamethrowing. Have a single player lie for no reason will absolutely mess up the other ones trying to solve.
  3. Be respectful of other players. Especially as this is a collaboration, not a competition.
  4. Do not slank. This should be obvious but if you do not have time to play the game ask me to replace you out.
  5. You can quote from your classcard only if the quotation was from a quote block, so you can quote passages that you’ve found around the castle but not your feedback.

Players and their Dormitories:

  1. Magnus
  2. GamerPoke
  3. Shurian
  4. Boss110
  5. Fireslol
  6. Meteoro
  7. Mercenary
  8. DatBird
  9. WazzaAzza
  10. Andrej
  11. Blizer
  12. PokemonKidRyan
  13. MathBlade

Additionally, this game will begin June 16th for scheduling reasons.

Welcome back Alice!



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Can we have a Deathnote reference or no?


luckily i have a secret weapon available that will defeat the yokai

secret weapon
authorized personnel only


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this seems hella fun

@Marcus_Doodalee @PokemonKidRyan @PoisonedSquid @WazzaAzza

Any of you wish to play in this game?

With pleasure.

Also, good to see ya back.

I saw what was going on from the sidelines.

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Japanese GhostBusters

also Ao Oni version 7.0

Absolutely! And thanks for the ping ^-^