(Misc) Blood on the Forums 2 - Electric Fang Gu (Evil Wins)

Tangeld’s ghost sipped a lovely brew of tea. “And how exactly has your Flower Festival been going, Mayor Arete? I know how much the people needed to take their mind off of things after that whole unpleasant business with the demon incursion a few months back.”

Arete sighed. “Not well, I’m afraid. We’ve had certain, er… complications that have put somewhat of a damper on the celebrations.”

“Don’t be coy, old friend. You mean to say ‘there’s another demon running around, we’re all gonna die, how could we have been so foolish as to think we were safe?’.”

“You know me too well, Tan.” Arete reached for their own teacup, but their ghostly fingers passed right through the handle.

“It’s an acquired skill, grabbing things with incorporeal hands. Don’t worry, you’ll get better at it the longer you’re dead.” From outside, screaming could be heard. “It would seem that they’ve found your body. Well then, I think it’s time we address the people.”

“Right, we’ve got to contain the chaos before the peo-“

“No, Arete, there’s no containing chaos. Nothing to do but watch it all unfold. I’m sure these folks are smart enough to figure things out. Come on then. Time to go to work.”

Day 1 has begun! Nomination phase will begin at 2020-03-04T04:30:00Z.

“Alms for the poor?” @Apprentice the Beggar has come to Ravenswood Bluff!

“Non nobis, domine. Per gratiam tui.” @DatBird the Bishop has come to Ravenswood Bluff!

Information on game rules can be found in the OP of this thread (I didn’t want to type it all out again): (Misc) Blood on the Forums 2: Electric Fang Gu Signups (Closed)



Seating arrangement (1 and 14 are considered adjacent):

  1. Marshal
  2. Wazza
  3. DirectorHail
  4. Magnus
  5. EVO
  6. Shurian
  7. Universal
  8. Simon Insanity
  9. Italy
  10. Datbird (Bishop :church: )
  11. N.1
  12. Nuclear_Rehab Geyde
  13. Apprentice (Beggar :bowl_with_spoon: )
  14. Vulgard






Day 1 start
Day 1 nominations open
Day 1 voting opens
End of Day 1/Start of Day 2
Day 2 nominations open
Call for the exile of Apprentice
Day 2 voting opens
End of Day 2/Start of Day 3
Call for the exile of DatBird
Day 3 nominations open
Day 3 voting opens
End of Day 3/Start of Day 4
Day 4 nominations open
Day 4 voting opens
End of Day 4/Start of Day 5
Day 5 nominations open
Call for the exile of Apprentice
Day 5 voting opens
End of Day 5


(Part 2 of mass pingus incoming shortly)



I’m going to hardclaim now because I don’t think my role is powerful enough to be killed (even after I out) and I can gain things by boosting discourse in this thread on how I use my ability.

I’m the Savant. Hi. I’ll let you all know when I choose to get my information (1 true and 1 false) for the day.

hey Nerds

Town god marshal checking in

Give seating chart

Search pings boomer

The pings is the order

Alright so since jgoes is gone

Whisper king meta could work

Eh i gain nothing by waiting so I just used my ability

One of the following is true and the other is false, up to us to find out which or if im poisoned or there’s vortox

  1. There is a Cerenovus in-game
  2. The two travelers in this game are of the same alignment.

with characters such as mutant on the script, the question raises
do we allow the hosts to see our whispers

Anyone think they confirmable enough for wkm

We can have the option of not?

You all should know what happened we tried the whisper king meta here in this forum.

We caught a scum?

I think Shurian’s talking about the time the “whisper king” proceeded to hand all of the info to the Scarlet Woman, who promptly gave it to the Demon.

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I’m just reading over the stuff before making any word choices
It’s beautiful, to play as scum the previous round

I think I have far more room to breathe this round

The question raises because ST may execute the mutant if they claim. In BotC mutant would claim mutant where ST can’t hear them (whispers)

or just not claim because that’s smarter lmao