[Misc] Battlestar Galactica Board Game on the Forums [Canned]

Hey guys,
Was just wondering if anyone would have interest in playing the BSG board game on the forums. The game works with 3-7 players, I’ve taken pictures of all of the game pieces and would moderate the game while keeping the game board board updated in my dorm room and sending pictures of it. Your classcard thread would include all cards you receive (that i draw from the deck for you) and im pretty sure the game can be run well on the forums. BSG is one of the best board games of all time IMO but the game is out of print so getting a physical copy now is extremely expensive.
Here’s the base game rules now in case anyone wants to read about the game: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/Battlestar_Galactica/bsg-rulebook-web.pdf

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I’m interested.

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Pretty interested. I love this game.

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it’s my favorite board game ever

what is it about

read the rulebook i posted lol

n o

basically, humans and cylons both have different objectives

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all the cylons might spawn at the start, or some might spawn halfway through the game a.k.a. sleeper agents

priestess can probably explain it better than me. I’ve only played it once before

It is a cooperative game… but it has some traitor elements in it, which gives it some pretty nice social deduction elements.

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i was thinking of running it with the following stuff from the expansions, the same way i played it before. Not much is changed about the core game though:

All characters except the cylon leaders.

The new colonial one

The double sided cylon locations

Remove the cylon ambushes crisis and super crisis


Cylon fleet

Treachery cards from both expansions

Mutiny cards

Kobold objective

I love it, id deffo join

Anyone else? Seems we have four so far

I would be depending on starting date.
Been a hot minute since I played this after all.

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Personally i think u shld adapt it and make it simpler for a forum, i dont see it being finished otherwise.

Id join either way tho

there is a forum version on the boardgamegeek forums

idk how it works tho

I just feel like itd take fucking ages otherwise and ppl would get congused and lose track over time.

Idk maybe not.