[MISC] Battle of Wits: WIFOM (Canned due to inactivity)

Original idea by DarrenSanders

The Setup:

  • Every round starts with every living player having a cup of wine in front of them. One of the wines is randomly poisoned.
  • At the start of the round, one random player will be told where the poison is.
  • A turn order is randomly generated per round.
  • In order, each player can choose to KEEP their cup, or SWAP cups with another player of their choice.
  • To keep : /vote Keep, To swap : /vote [player]
  • After everyone takes their turn - if the last player to act swapped their drink, the player who they swapped with gets to take an additional turn and choose to Keep or Swap.
  • Everyone drinks and the poisoned player dies.
  • On the last round when it becomes 1v1, the player who does not know the location of the poison automatically goes last.
  • Last person standing wins.
  • Players can talk whenever they want in the topic about whatever they want.
  • Each round will randomly have a player given a one use ability that will remain available until used or 3 players remain.
  1. Htm - Cup 1 - Turn 6
  2. Datbird - Died Round 4
  3. NuclearBurrito - Cup 2 - Turn 5
  4. James - Died Round 2
  5. Bazingaboy - Died Round 4
  6. Lymphoma - Cup 6 - Turn 4
  7. Marshal - Cup 5 - turn 3
  8. DirectorHail - Cup 3 - Turn 2
  9. Boss110 - Cup 4 - Turn 1
  10. DarrenSanders - Died Round 4
  11. JakeTheWolfie - Died Round 1
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Feel free to discuss things, game will start soon.

Well yall dont know about you but wine is wine, unless I know its poisoned prob gonna drink it

The question is. Does it contains alcohol?

It’s wine :eyes:

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Bold of you to assume I have drinks one in the past

Round One begins!

Choose to keep or swap your wine.

Nah we doing non alcoholic, some people here arent above the drinking age.


I don’t know who has the poison.

I think James have the poisoned cup

My prediction are -100% accurate


Just my luck.
Want a taste tester anyone?

Ping the host when action is submitted please.

/swap with DatBird


(Idk why I do this)

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Maybe it’s because you cup is poisoned?

Htm switched with @DatBird

Is it my turn now?

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It is /switch with HTM not gonna have u poison me sorry.

Rip me