Minor suggestion for Possessor

Just got in a game where I was poss with MM being last person. Ended in a draw. I suggest in order to stop this that Mind control allow (only when 1 person left) you to make person vote for themselves?

Anyway, if its a stupid idea, sorry lol.


TBH it should totally just auto resolve to a poss win.

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Why would you give Poss a free undeserved win in this case, when it is quite clearly a draw? Technically (although unlikely to work) the poss could convince the MM he is actually Reaper with exactly 2 souls in order to bait the MM into doing dirty work to force a draw instead of letting Reaper empower reap him with no consequence.

Draw = Loss… I dont really see a reason for poss not to auto win

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Because that’s the inevitable result.

Think of it this way, if we ignore auto resolution methods since the outcome of such a method is exactly what we are trying to find out (counting the time out), what would we expect the outcome to be?

The possessors options are to:

1: Attack and maybe win that night


2: Not attack and definitely not win that night

You’d expect the possessor to attack every night because he has no reason not to.

Meanwhile, the MM has the following choices:

1: Use dirty works and die


2: Extend the game for an extra night

In other words, the MM has a lose button and it’s just a matter of how long he feels like waiting before pushing it. Thus the Mastermind will lose every single time and the Possessor will win, simply because there is no other plausible outcome that the games mechanics allow for.

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An example of an ACTUAL draw would be innoculated prince with no exe’s vs a CL with no erradicates.

And an example of this where the bigger faction would win instead of the smaller one is Evil King vs Hunter.

EK has a functionally identical choice as the MM earlier, except this time the Hunter physically cannot mess it up even if he actively tried to.

Basically if the game can only progress by someone making a losing move, then the game should resolve as if that move is taken. No one is being cheated out of anything, since the person who would have made the move was going to lose anyways.

Something I’m not entirely sure how to resolve however is what happens if BOTH sides have a losing move and one of them is required to preform it for the game to progress. Rather than just one side.
But I also can’t think of a situation that qualifies for that, so I think it’s fine to just not worry about it.

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I think you missed my point which was poss can theoretically convince the mastermind he is not poss, and is actually reaper.
also u forget poss can be bleeding

Disagree with this point. Suicide is also a “lose button”. Just because they can mechanically press it, doesn’t mean that’s the outcome of the match. However that is probably one of the easier ways to resolve it coding wise aside from hardcoding scenario’s.

You can’t suicide as the last cultseen

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If poss is bleeding then there is no stalemate so it’s just not the situation being discussed.

But otherwise it doesn’t matter what the Mastermind believes, the situation is the same.

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That does actually leave a question of what to do with reaper.

If he has 2 or more souls then it’s not a stalemate so it can play out.

But if he has 1 soul then the situation is identical to the Possessers here, and if he has 0 souls then the MM can force a Reaper loss, so I’m unsure of if that counts as a stalemate.

Ah I see. But I still disagree that either side should be given a win, if neither can kill the other. Besides being a “pity” win it would create another rule people have to learn besides regular mechanics.

I’d disagree on it being a pity win.

A pity win would be making the CL auto win in my CL v Prince example.

Or the Prince

it’s a pity win because they didn’t technically fulfill their win condition

Technically neither do the Unseen in some very specific Unseen/Cult vs BD auto resolution situations.

Basically a 3/4v1 cultseen vs a non-Prince non-King BD results in it auto resolving in a cultseen victory.

There are likely more requirements for it to trigger, but I know it doesn’t happen with the Prince or King.

I don’t think there should ever be any auto-resolution because you can never be 100% certain your own Unseen are not possessed