Minor (ish) maid rework


Blue Dragon Investigative

Day Ability 1: Rumor - Matchmake will compare with target player tonight instead of your previous target (1 uses)
Day Ability 2: Nosy servants - At the end of the night learn if the first target visited target dead player the night they died (3 uses)

Night Ability: Matchmake - Learn if target player can win with the previous player you used matchmake on. Royals always are incompatible with each other. The fool and scorned are incompatible with everyone (Unlimited)

The changes are:

  • No N0 target. The Maid will get no results N1.
  • Rumor is a thing that exists. It can’t be used D1
  • Nosy servants is now a day ability

Love the rework idea.

wouldn’t call it minor it would make maid more fun.


It’s minor because she’s fundamentally the same

Some details changed. But her main ability wasn’t what was reworked

Eh she’s functionally similar but big changes.

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Also would you be making any changes to handmaiden or nah?

Nothing relevant to this post at least. Current handmaiden still works with these changes.

Current haidmaiden is broken and awful for the game doesn’t even work as intended considering it’s the convert from maid it would be apart of fixing it.

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Not what I meant.

I mean that none of these changes are relevant to the handmaiden. Which means handmaiden changes are outside the scope of what this post is trying to accomplish

Handmaiden work just fine currently
No need to change much!

I got the math wrong on the Maids check speed with no N0 check.

Thus Rumor actually needs to be 1 use in order for the math to be correct.

I don’t see a reason to make Scorn incompatible with everyone. Seems it should only be incompatible with whoever they marked.

I’m just keeping it like how it is now

Maids can already be an annoying class,
Yeah its powerful, but you should not transform it into the next Knight Claim.

I don’t like the N1 no match possible, for this would be possible to become a maid with litterally No logs. during the entire game.

but I like Rumor

Also, Noist Servants should just be removed.

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Why not transform it into the next Knight claim? We want more of those.

Also a maid with literally no logs would be just as impossible as it is now starting N2.

And if someone comes up with a replacement for Nosy Servant’s then it’s welcome

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