[Minimash] Community Forum Mafia 2 - (5/9/31) - Game Over - ModeShifter (Alice) Wins!

Community Forum Mafia 2

Hosted by Small_Tank

Reviewed by eevee, Arete, Firekitten

What’s different?

All roles are custom made, and each card is based around one of the many users on this forum! You might even get lucky and roll yourself! The general power level of this is higher than ToL, so don’t be afraid if you see a couple of busted classes.

In addition to this, occasionally I will host a special event.

Keep in mind, this isn’t meant to be a competetive setup - It’s more of meant to be high-powered role madness.

There will be at least 2 factions - Town and Mafia.
No neutrals will have the fool/jester win condition. Unless they are orangeandblack5 or Icibalus flavored that is.


Standard Forum Rules Apply
Standard Forum Matches Rules Apply
Days are 36 Hours, Nights are 12 Hours.
Don’t angleshoot ( :eyes: )
Don’t be a salty boi until the game is over, afterwards we can unleash all our salt.
Don’t post in big text

Rolelist :scroll:

… Dammit, Firekitten ran off with my role list! Looks like we’ll have to go without it!

Player List :tangerine:

1. Vulgard -> N.1 - BANNED D2
2. Marshal - BANNED N1 - UNBANNED N2
3. Alice
4. Hippoyeetus - BANNED D1 - UNBANNED D2
5. Geyde - Left the Forum EoD4 - Chloe
6. PKR Zone_Q11 - BANNED D2
7. Ami - Left the Forum D2 - Napoleon
8. DatBird - BANNED N4
9. Techwolves
10. Napoleon - Left the Forum D1 - SirDerpsALot
11. Nerbins - Left the Forum D3 - Techwolves
12. Frostwolf103 - Left the Forum D3 - clonedcheese
13. Katze -> Mist1422 - Left the Forum D1 - DatBird
14. Clonedcheese - Left the Forum D1 - Sulit
15. SirDerpsAlot - Left the forums D3 - Geyde
16. Italy - Left the Forum EoD2 - MaximusPrime
17. Simon - Left the Forum EoD3 - Vulgard
18. Crichard - BANNED N2
19. Chloe -> TrustworthyLiberal - Left the Forum D3 - CRichard564
20. ModeShifter - Left the Forum EoD1 - Italy
21. An_gorta_pratai - Left the Forum D3 - Apprentice
22. KyoDaz - BANNED D2
23. Icibalus -> Blizer - Left the Forum N4 - Centuries
24. MaximusPrime - Left the Forum D4 - Hippoyeetus
25. Leafia
26. oB_L1ght - BANNED D2
27. Centuries - BANNED D2
28. Moleland -> Mist
29. Solic - Left the Forum N4 - Leafia
30. Sulit - BANNED D3
31. Apprentice
32. Battery-powered toaster with wings
33.A tree different coloured pencil sharpeners - BANNED N4
34. Arete the BOT - BANNED N4
35. Sentence below me is true - Left the forum D2
36. Sentence above me is false - BANNED N4
37. Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths - BANNED N4
38. Annoying Spam Emails - BANNED N5
39. RTing your greencheck by claiming a redcheck on them
40. woweeflip - BANNED N4
41. Litten
42. boom bye scum

Pink - User Union
Blue - Judge Alliance

Spectators :eyes:

  1. Priestess
  2. Jane
  3. Amelia
  4. Astand
  5. Twil1ight
  6. Appel
  7. Livicus
  8. Wazza
  9. Possessed


  1. Zone
  2. TrustworthyLiberal
  3. Mist
  4. N.1


The dark age of forum has arrived.

Luxy was demoted.
Squid went missing in action and noone really knows when they will return.
Arete is too much of a nerd to count as a proper forum mod.
And eevee? eevee got banned for excessive use of alts.

Amid this chaos 2 factions has emerged:
First, the Users Union, fought to elect new mod from most active forum users.
Second, the Judge Alliance, tried to keep the power in hands of ToL judges.

They were led by two respected forum users:
DatBird and Chloe.

They both had forum’s best intentions in the mind.
However like famous Polish / Romanian / Slovenian / German / Slovakian / Dutch proverb says:

Where two people are fighting, the third takes it all.

The TEWPTMTF has started running his mischievous plans.

Will forum users finish the fighting among themselves and manage to stop TEWPTMTF?
Or will TEWPTMTF fullfill theirs dark desires?

Welcome to community mafia!


Game is on hold due to integrity breach.

It didn’t even start yet.



Case handled. Back to creating and sending out rolecards.


There is small delay in classcards creation.

Blame Firekitten.



Last batch of rolecards should be sent in next 24 hours.

Then we can start.

(Also delay is that my computer is hadly usable right now. Arete is doign a great job tho, so thanks @Arete <3 )

((Firekitten is just lazy tho))


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I’m still sending out roles, around 75% out.

Also as you might notice - Icibalus replaced Insanity.

This is mostly due to your spam in signups and me missing Icibalus signup.
Damn you for spamming. DON’T SPAM IN SIGNUPS.

You only make more problems for me, which delay the game.
Good job. :^)

Yes, I’m master at blaming others


hey guys

yes, you.

I got cheap pitchforks to chase game host with, so they send rolecards faster

huh? of cours I am the host

first create the problem, then profit on it. that’s capitalism, baby


Hey guys, I undestand what happened now

There was a big misunderstanding between me and DatBird.
I told them to start WoW FM, while I calmly finish designig roles after people who actually signed up. Well, they forgot about it.

I know, I know. You are bored and want to play.

I will try to do finishing touches to this one today and start it.

You know, designing and balancing a game in 7 days, especially a mash, is hard.
But this time I wanted flavor and mechanics to be about people who are playing this game.

Yeah, all roles are about people who play this game and all mechanics are about our community. Hence most of roles really couldn’t be premade.

And as you all know, eevee games are weird. Are surprising and… make sense in some weird convulted way.
I really didn’t want you to get some half assed product.

As for other games being delayed due to this - this is a misunderstanding.
Sorry for this.

But then again, I hope you will be pleased with results.



  1. Rolecards with FLAVOR “DatBird” and “Chloe” are confirmed town.

  2. There are 2 type of kills:

  • Leaving the forum - Cuddling and ITAs are of the type. Standard death
  • Ban - Most of nightkills are of that type. No flip.
    Also certain abilities can interact with only certain kill types.
  1. Right now the forum is in the chaos due to lack of mods.
    Every day starting day 2, and until mod elections happen there will be shitstorm (ITA) sessions, when each player can write /insult [name] for a chance of target player being insulted and leaving the forum. Duh.
    Oh and if your rolecard character has more likes than your target, you get ITA accuracy boost, cause that OBVIOUSLY means you are more respected on forum and not just posted more memes.

  2. At certain point of game a mod elections will happen.
    If DatBird or Chloe flavored person is alive, they become the mod and get abilities to Ban and Appeal. (If both are alive, one with more followers gets the abilities)
    If they are both dead at time of elections, TEWPTMTF (Mafia) candidate will get both abilities.
    Mod elections mark the end of forum dark times, and end of… insult sessions. DUH x2

  3. And last but not least, you are divided into 2 factions at start (User Union / Judge Alliance followers)
    You are able to only target people from the “enemy” faction. This applies both to factional abilities, role abilities as well as ITAs.
    This will end with mod elections.
    So… make good use of it. Cause it can both help you gather information as well as hinder you heavily, depending how you approach it.
    This will end with mod elections as well.

Town wincon - Eliminate all threats to town
Mafia wincon - Eliminate town and all neutrals that wish you harm
Neutrals might or might not exist.
Anticlaim mechanics exist. (Well, the if 2 named characters die, mafia gets more abilities is anticlaim for example).
Plurartity based cuddling.
Days are 36 hours.
Nights are 12 hours.

I don’t think I missed anything.


Oh right, factions (Except theirs leaders - “Chloe” and “DatBird” flavored cards) were actually 100% randomized.

Same as which flavor is town and which is mafia.
Same as… a lot of stuff.

Just assume I randomized everything I could to avoid angleshooting.

Day 1 start

It will last 36 hours.


Hardclaim Marshal

I snipe.

Now I leave until something interesting happens, goodbye.

I have a suggestion

Make the Lowest in PoE claim flavor and hope they get flavor viged cuz that’s +EV for town