Micro Game - MIND (Semi-Turbo)


when 4 people join they will each be given privately a number between 1 and 100. they must attempt to publicly announce these cards from least to greatest, however during this time they cannot post in thread (or otherwise discuss the game) except to announce a card, call for a synchronize, respond to a synchronize, or to ask for a shuriken

if a number is played out of order, all numbers less than that are publicly submitted by me, and the team loses one life. they start with 3, with this total carrying through rounds.

if all numbers are successfully submitted, a new round will begin, with each player again being given numbers from 1 to 100, but this time each player gets 2 numbers, for a total of 8. this repeats until the team loses, or the team (somehow) beats all the way up to round 25. round 25 itself is easy, before hand it is not.
i personally call it a win if the team beats round 12, as that is the hardest round.

as talking is not allowed in this game, players need some way to measure when they should play a particular card. generally this is measured by rough time estimate. should players be thrown off, they can call for a synchronize every now and then, by typing out the following message exactly:

other players can respond with the message exactly in response. what this can signify is left up to interpretation, however it is not to be used for definite communication, planning, or in general overused

a shuriken is a thing that can show up occasionally. its good, but i’ll explain it if/when it comes up.

if anyone breaks these rules while in a match, the team loses that game, and must start over at round 1.
ideally these games take less than a day, but its never been on a forum afaik so we’ll see how it ends up
Team List:

  1. Jake
  2. Isaac
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