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Merchant (Neutral Support)


Neutral Support

Passive 1 - Supplied: Immune to death, bleeding, occupation and redirection.
Passive 2 - Missed Opportunity: If you fail to perform your night ability three times, you will commit suicide.

Night Ability 1 - Advertise: Attacks on your target will be redirected to you and you will not be immune to the attack. ( ∞ uses)
Night Ability 2 - Sell Goods: Heal a player, Make them death immune and occupy them. (3 uses).

Win Condition: Survive.


Maybe make this a hider type Ability, it redirects all attacks from that person to you and you aren’t immune to it.


But that would contradict wincon of survival


yes I know

that’s the point


Oh wait my b

Didn’t read the first passive


The entire ability of advertise does contradict the win con, however, it puts pressure onto the merchant, supposing their opportunity passive that needs them to perform abilities to live. Otherwise it’s just a better alchemist.

edit: saw your next post.


Does the passive count visiting a jailed target as failing?


Yes, It is a fail, but it also being jailed isn’t a failed use of an ability, supposing you never used it, I may change it to If you never attempt to perform your night ability three times.