Mercenary (Contract merc)

Mercenary (Neutral Support) - Unique
Contracted (Passive) - You’ll be assigned a random target, your also occupation and redirection immune.
Faluire (Passive) - If your first contract dies you’ll have one Stand guard and 2 Bounties only, if your second contract dies you’ll commit suicide. (You’ll have two days to select a new contract or you’ll automatically die).
Offer Contract (Day) - Make someone permanently your contract.
Bounty (Day) - Occupy a player if they visit your current contract - 4 Uses.
Stand Guard (Night) - Occupy players visiting your contract tonight - 3 Uses
Rebound (Night) - Kill a player who you Occupied with Bounty - 2 Uses.
Goal: Make sure your current Contract Survives.

Current Mercenary would be renamed into a new class or vise versa.

-Starting target cannot be a Unique BD
-Can be Neutral If, Alchemist, Sellsword, Sorcrer or Reaper.

The old merc was very swingy but also way more interesting.
Still crying over the fact that it was my favourite class, so get an upboat.

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Contract to Sellsword and Pretender is imbalanced.

How does this solve the problems with the original merc

Why sellsword and pretender?

A: Unique.
B: Mercenary didn’t have a lot of problems
C: new “offer contract” doesn’t alert the user

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Not that. The gamethrowing issue.

There’s a lot of game throwing issues, blame the player not the class.

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Also it discourages merc to get there first target killed because they’ll have a lot less guards.

Sellsword is the only neutral which is inherently sided evil. Giving him a pocket merc just makes another evil sided neut which screws up balance.
Pretender is death immune before getting king, then you just pocket guard her once she gets to the spot resulting in an easy victory for both.

Pretender makes sense

Sellsword your argument makes no sense because assassin and mastermind are evil so it would have the same merit for them.

It’s an aditional non-swingy neut siding with evils. That makes games with a Sellsword + Merc combo almost an insta loss for BD due to being outvoted extremely early.

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I disagree, because clearly you could have a Assassin, contracted with a merc and a SS

It’s never a instent lose even if all neutrals where bad for bd and that happens a lot

We could argue it’s swingy but it’s also swingy for sellsword to have a merc which would slightly benefit nk in that scenario which is ok, still means there’s 2 evils and 2 evil sided neuts.
But considering you can have games with 3 evil sided neuts I don’t understand your issue.