Meme Turbos (AYAYA)


(taken from Mafia451)

  • day ends at deadline or once all players are voting (even if no one is at hammer)
  • Mafia decide who is exed if the vote is tied

Town Vengeful x 3
Mafia Goon
Mafia Godfather

no nightkills

if the Godfather is exed D1 Mafia automatically loses
if the Goon is exed D1, they choose 1 townie to kill, and a different townie to reveal as town
if a Town Vengeful is exed D1, they choose a player to shoot (otherwise, they don’t get a vengeful shot)

Very Important Rule

All communication must be done in the form of images

images may have words in them if they would “naturally” have words (e.g. posting a picture of a target is fine) but you can’t bypass this rule to, like, put all your reads in MS Paint textboxes

Voting is allowed and can be done normally

This turbo will start once full. Days will be up to 15 minutes.

Player list:

  1. Marshal
  2. sulit
  3. PsychoKang
  4. TheBlueElixir
  5. Magnus


  1. DatBird
  2. KyoDaz
  3. Wazza
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@DatBird @Marshal @Chloe @katze



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/backup in case like others want to

cause like that was fast to four

That was fast.

be warned i have dinner soon

I want to join but ahare

i dont think I have the time


ill just bite it


I can do HW asleep

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I await the hands of the rand

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brb I must prepare the finest images of Mime roleplays in town of salem

I am assembling my army

Now, I need to rush and find online memes. Oh damn.

my dog is on my chair

dont think she looks like a wolf though

can mafia chat talk normally?

u didnt in. are u playing?


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