Mechanic(Neutral support)(unique)


Since mechanic brought two gears

Have two gears at start.
Gear is what mechanic use to build his things(I dunno).

Search can bypass occupied,redirected and imprisoned.(only search)

Day abilities:

Robot bird(requires one gear):knows the target player what notifications on his ability that night.

If the target player is prince/mm/cl/killer/offense type

Mechanic will get a notification of
‘The robot bird got destroyed!’

Can be used on D1
Only tells you when the night is over.

Night abilities:

Craft:(requires three gears):Recharge target player’s abilities once(Even lost by fool or prince executed bd)

If mechanic use this ability on a no ability limit class or the target player didn’t use a limited ability.

He will just receive a notification as
‘[Target player]does not require any ability recharge’ and still has those gears

Search:Guess target player’s specific class type,if correct.Get two gears.if wrong,Lost one gear.

Cannot use search on dead body or king.
Can only search a player ONCE.

Goal:Craft item for two DIFFERENT people in court to win.

Since it’s neut: mechanic won’t be necessary to side bd or unseen/cult to make them overpowered.

It can also interact with court,I think.

I am using phone and I suck at English
Plz na blam

So the most glaring problem I see with this is that to win, it needs 9 gears. Starting with two gears, it can gain at most two gears every night, which means it needs four nights of correct guesses just enough to have enough gears to achieve its win condition, and then an additional three nights of actually crafting items, for a total of a minimum of seven nights when it needs to play perfectly just to win.

Ummm,How about change the craft ability to only two gear required and objective is craft for 4 players.(3 players is way too easy)

Then it needs eight gears total, which means that with the 2 starting gears it needs a minimum of three correct guesses, and then four nights of crafting, which is still seven nights.

Remember that this isn’t even counting hitting the jailed target, or guessing wrong.

How about 3 gears for craft and required to craft for two players to win

Now it only requires six gear,which if it’s only needs 3 nights.