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Me and Mine —-—


Okay, I need to tell you all. I’m Gender-Fluid. That means that sometimes I’m a guy and sometimes I’m a girl. Don’t ask me why I stick with one. Don’t ask me how I know. I just need to tell you. I’ll try saying which I am in description. Today i’m a girl.
And yes, my name is Minho. I was born a guy.


Welcome :3


That’s pretty cool.




How does that work?


When you go to like a mall which bathroom do you go to?


I don’t really know.
(EDIT: help, i ran out of posts!)


So do you buy skirts as well as tank tops? (Male and female clothing)



@Geyde please raise her trust level :eyes:


Oh right your a basic user

You’ll have to post for a bit and stick around till you earn member role

or get a mod to raise it

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Are you assuming the gender?


Says so in her description

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Always using the own name as a pronoun is the superior strat in all places


I don’t get it, but okay.


Wait so, I know this question is a bit intruding but if you don’t mind me asking, which sex are you attracted to?


Sam. Cool it.


That is a little bit disrespectful :eyes:


Hard disagree?


I mean it can be read as associating gender to attraction but the post per se is innocent


I mean I put a cautionary phrase in. I don’t see how it’s disrespectful. Minho can choose not to respond if they don’t want to